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CarseatponchoI love the cold weather because I get to wear sweaters to cover up my extra fluff (as Sebastian so kindly puts it). However, one thing I dread about the winter and cold days in general is getting Madelyn all bundled up before we leave the house. That dread came to an end though, when I received a Car Seat Poncho to review. The Car Seat Poncho is made of two layers of 400 weight fleece so it is incredibly soft. Madelyn uses it to snuggle with sometimes when she’s not wearing it..she likes it so much.

When Madelyn is in her car seat, the Car Seat Poncho surrounds her like
a blanket and keeps her super warm. As the temperature inside the car increases, it can be easily opened or removed.

The Car Seat Poncho is perfect for families in apartments because you don’t have to bundle your child up in a coat or jacket just for the short walk to the car.

Carseatponcho_stepsThe Car Seat Poncho is simple to use.  Believe it or not, I actually figured out
how to ‘install’ (ha ha) the Car Seat Poncho without instructions!  Before you go out, slip the Car Seat Poncho over your baby’s head. Then
when you sit your baby in the car seat, lift the back of the Car Seat Poncho and drape it over the top of the seat.  Open the zipper from the bottom, and lay the poncho panels aside.  Buckle the harness and tighten the straps as directed by the car  seat’s manufacturer. Pull the zipper down to close the poncho.
That’s it!  You’re ready to go!
I love it!

I can’t tell you how many "That’s so cute" comments I’ve gotten when Madelyn wears her Car Seat Poncho in the store. Yes, I use it even when she’s not in the car seat.

The Car Seat Poncho is for use with babies in a convertible car seat, not an infant seat and who weigh 20 lbs. or more.

Where to buy: Car Seat Poncho

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