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Marlise Karlin: Imagine CD – a stressed mom’s hero

I have major sleep and relaxation issues resulting from.. having two kids, bad dreams, car accident, and other issues that I’m guessing 85% of the population share with me so I am always looking for ways to de-stress my mind and body and fall asleep easier.  I was introduced to Marlise Karlin in May 2009 and wrote about her tips for living well, here.  Now, Marlise has a new CD out that I can’t wait to listen to in its entirety and hope to soon.

Marlise is a world renowned spiritual teacher who has traveled the globe, teaching people how to reconnect with their true essence to bring peace and balance back into their lives by experiencing The Simplicity of Stillness.™

Countless people from every culture around the world have attended Marlise’s Programs and are attesting to the extraordinary benefits that her Stillness Sessions® have brought to their lives, from experiencing a sense of peace rarely felt, to finding balance and wellbeing, from releasing years of road blocks, to discovering what they really want out of life and how to create it.

Marlise has just released her latest Stillness Session on CD called “Imagine.”

Stillness Sessions™ are an experiential form of teaching designed to move people beyond the limitations and agitations of the mind and into their natural state of being. These journeys are accompanied by music and words infused with the profound energy and vibration of Stillness.

Listen to a sample track here.

Marlise Karlin’s Imagine CD can be purchased here.  The CD retails at $17.95 and is an hour long.

Become a fan of Marlise Karlin on Facebook here and follow Marlise on Twitter here.

I hope to write a more personal review and giveaway a copy of Marlise Karlin’s new CD, Imagine, soon.

Sign up for Marlise Karlin’s Opening to Love teleseminar here.

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