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Crumb Chum

As parents, we handle the first few crumbs that fall on the floor OK. We deal with them. After about a cup or so of crumbs falls on the floor though, that’s another story.

Sebastian’s Crumb Catcher has changed our mealtimes… forever! The Crumb Catcher is worn just like a bib, fastens in the back and has a giant pocket in the front to catch all those crazy crumbs that "have a mind of their own" according to Sebastian.

The Crumb Catcher covers Sebastian’s entire front side which means that his shirt and pants are no longer used as a napkin. Sebastian was 6 when he STARTED wearing the Crumb Catcher, so it’s not just for babies and toddlers.

The Crumb Catcher is machine washable and dryer safe! The Crumb Catcher is available in several patterns for boys and girls. There is a baby version and a toddler version.

Where to buy: Let Babies Soar!