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Is your Baby a Sassie Baby?

Diaper Diva bib
Sassie Babies - Diaper Diva bib

I love personalized baby bibs, bags, and baby clothes.  Personalizing your baby’s bib, diaper bag, or onesie makes that item something you and your baby will treasure for years to come, unlike generic store bought baby clothes and other items.  As your child gets older, she will love to look at her first bib and see her name on it or ‘Diaper Diva’ and smile.

Georgia Bulldogs Pacifier Clip
Georgia Bulldogs Pacifier Clip

Dads, you’re in luck too!  Sassie Babies offers sports team pacifier clips. So next time you have to take the baby to your buddy’s house to watch your favorite team play, make sure your baby is sporting his/her team pacifier clip. The pacifier clips are constructed with durable cotton fabric and are about 1 inch wide and 10 inches long.  The pacifier clip can also be used as a toy clip.

Baby burp cloths, pacifier clips, bibs, and hats can all can be monogrammed with you child’s name or initials.
Sassie Babies also embroiders aprons, tote bags, travel mugs, bridal pary shirts, mother of the bride, mother of the groom.

For embroidered items you order from SassieBabies.com you can choose an embroidery font style and thread color.

Shop Sassie Babies here

Alicia Hagan, Editor

How Cute Is That? Bibs for Baby

If you are a regular visitor, you know that Madelyn is always wearing a bib.  I think she is teething. Her mouth is like the Niagra Falls most of the day and she chews on everything in site, especially her blankets and bibs. Strange, huh?  She has also just started eating cereal which makes for a MESSY face and bib. How Cute Is That? has solved a few of my bib issues. How Cute is That? isn’t messing around when it comes to their bibs. They are thick which is so important when dealing with a drooling, cereal eating baby.  Madelyn’s clothes are no longer soaked after just a couple of hours and her How Cute is That? bibs handle the massive amounts of drool very well.

These are really supposed to be meal time bibs which I tested in that situation as well. Because Madelyn just started eating cereal we are battling with the ‘what is that you are putting in my mouth? I think I will spit it back out’ syndrome. Needless to say, her How Cute is That? bibs have handled the goopy cereal outtakes very well.

How Cute is That? bibs are double sided so if one side is messy and you are out and about, you can just flip it over to reveal a clean, fresh side! I love that!  Buyers can choose from a ribbon tie or velcro. The velcro bibs have extra width in the shoulders for great shoulder coverage.

Where to buy: How Cute is That?

‘The Mommy Insider’ readers get 10% off your total order of $50 or more with code ‘momfinds’!

Crumb Chum

As parents, we handle the first few crumbs that fall on the floor OK. We deal with them. After about a cup or so of crumbs falls on the floor though, that’s another story.

Sebastian’s Crumb Catcher has changed our mealtimes… forever! The Crumb Catcher is worn just like a bib, fastens in the back and has a giant pocket in the front to catch all those crazy crumbs that "have a mind of their own" according to Sebastian.

The Crumb Catcher covers Sebastian’s entire front side which means that his shirt and pants are no longer used as a napkin. Sebastian was 6 when he STARTED wearing the Crumb Catcher, so it’s not just for babies and toddlers.

The Crumb Catcher is machine washable and dryer safe! The Crumb Catcher is available in several patterns for boys and girls. There is a baby version and a toddler version.

Where to buy: Let Babies Soar!