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Clean out your computer and improve performance with Iolo System Mechanic®

Don't you hate it when you get the kids out of the bathtub, you pull the drain stopper out, and the bath water takes forever to drain?  I am a visualizer and can't stand it when that happens because I visualize everything that might be stuck in the drain clogging it.  Gross!!
So, what do you do?  You grab the drain cleaner.

I never thought about it until recently but computers also slow down because they get clogged.  Surfing the internet, working, playing games, storing files, writing reports.. all of these things take a toll on our hard working computers which ultimately leads to a clogged system.  System Mechanic and it's set-and-forget ActiveCare 2.0 features
make it easy for me as a work from home mom to get on with my work day
and not have to take time out of my busy work and family schedule to
perform much needed regular maintenance on my computer.

Top reasons your computer slows down and issues that System Mechanic fixes:

  1. Start up overload
  2. Registry errors
  3. Remnants of Uninstalled Programs

Installing Iolo System Mechanic is simple and watching it do it's work is so satisfying.  It's the same feeling as when my 2 year old blows her nose and can breath again when she has a bad cold. (like now!)

Mechanic fixes, speeds up and maintains PC's so they run like
new forever
. The software
combines more than 40 robust tools enabling novices and experts alike to clean
out their computers and keep them in peak condition.

Priced at around $49.95, Iolo System Mechanic 8.0 is a great investment that will improve your PC's performance and keep your computer running smoothly.

When my computer slows down or starts acting erratically, I get stressed.  Most likely, I am trying to get as much work done as possible in a very short period of time, and don't have time to wait on a program to open when it should open instantaneously or to find a file that shouldn't take more than 2 seconds to find.  Since using System Mechanic, I've noticed a big difference in my computer's speed and performance.
How does your computer's performance affect you?
(tell me below and you're automatically entered to win a copy!)

I have 5 copies of Iolo System Mechanic 8 to GIVEAWAY!
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