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MOGO charmbands and magnet charms + giveaway!

MOGO - the magnet charm

MOGO is a one-of-a-kind, super gift for any young girl whether a princess or a sporty gal. Not the charm bracelet you and I had when we were young… MOGO is much cooler and a whole lot more fun!

MOGO (getmogo.com) charmbands can be personalized with fun letter charms and themed charms conveniently sold individually and in sets of 3, for endless opportunities.  Spell names or common Tween phrases like LOL and BFF.   Each charmband has 8 magnet placeholders.  Madelyn’s MOGO charmband has her name on it and she got the Groovy Love charm 3-pack so she interchanges the charms on her MOGO charmband.. very often.  I’m just glad she can snap the charms on and off herself.  The charms are magnetized enough so that they won’t fall off.  Please note though, that MOGO are not toys and are best for children 8+.  I never let Madelyn (4 years old) play with her MOGO when I’m not right there with her.  I like to play with her MOGO too!

MOGO charmband and magnet charms
Link 2 MOGO charmbands together to make a necklace

Design your MOGO today!

You don’t have to got to the store to see what your dream MOGO will look like.  Use MOGO’s Design Studio tool to instantly design a MOGO for yourself and your kids.

More about MOGO

  • Link multiple MOGO charmbands together to make bracelets, necklaces, belts, and more.
  • MOGO charms are available in sets of 3 and come in a magnetic tin designed to easily attach to a locker or magnet board, creating an adorable display case for on-the-go MOGO aficionada.
  • MOGO magnetic charms instantly snap onto MOGO charmband.
  • MOGO charmbands are available in a few colors including the ever stylish black, and there are lots of MOGO charms for every personality.  There’s even a lightning bolt, skull-and-crossbones, and eyeball set.
Madelyn wearing her MOGO charm bracelet and magnet charms

So how much does MOGO cost?

The MOGO charmband retails for about $15 and a set of 3 charms is about $12.
MOGO are available at Neiman Marcus (direct link to their MOGO page) and select retail stores.
Check MOGO’s store locator to find a store near you that sells MOGO.

MOGO Giveaway!

We are giving 5 lucky readers a MOGO charmband and one charm.  The charmband and charm color/style will be a surprise!

Here’s how to enter to win a MOGO charmband and charm:

  1. Leave a comment below telling us why you want to win and what your favorite MOGO charm set is.  (My favorite is Groovy Love) Click here to open Neiman Marcus’ MOGO page in a new window to view all styles.
  2. Share this post and giveaway with your Twitter friends.   Copy this: “Enter to win a MOGO charmband & magnet charm on TheMommyInsider.com – http://bit.ly/bWBoXj”
    Be sure to follow @mommyinsider so we know you Tweeted!

Entries accepted through May 30th.