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The Giving Keys

The Giving Keys: Wearable. Sharable. Perfect Imperfection.

The Giving Keys

Most hotels I visit use card keys to access guest rooms.   I’m happy to hear that there are still hotels that use real keys and Caitlin Crosby, after falling in love with her motel room key, decided to put the key on a chain.  Once she was home in Los Angeles, she asked a locksmith to engrave the word LOVE on it. On her next tour, Caitlin sold old keys with words like HOPE, FAITH, and STRENGTH engraved on them.  The project continued to grow, but wasn’t complete until Caitlin met Cera and Rob, a homeless couple she met on Hollywood Boulevard.

Eager to turn her hobby of making key necklaces into a charitable endeavor, Caitlin partnered with the homeless couple she met on Hollywood Boulevard to engrave inspirational words on keys and sell the jewelry pieces called The Giving Keys.   Since, she has created jobs for the homeless and supported shelters and transitional homes.   Now, the homeless couple that Caitlin originally partnered with is living in a transitional home, working, and taking college classes.  What progression!  Caitlin now employs fifteen people who are transitioning from homelessness to living in a homeless shelter.  It’s so wonderful to see people who might otherwise feel hopeless and sometimes useless, be part of something so beautiful.  Her necklaces are sold online, at Fred Segal and 40 stores around the country. Her employees have made around $40,000 from sales of about 8,000 keys.

You can get involved by purchasing a customized necklace online or at selected retail stores. Once you make a key with the word you want, it is Caitlin’s wish that you will give it away to someone who needs it.  Engraved HOPE? Give it to someone who needs hope.  It’s a new take on paying it forward and it’s impossibly easy and a gift that won’t be forgotten by any involved.  You can find stories of why people gave away their necklaces here.



The Mommy Insider is not affiliated with Caitlin Crosby or The Giving Keys – we just like sharing great news!

5 Personalized Hand-Stamped Bracelets and Necklaces

I have over a dozen pieces of personalized hand-stamped jewelry that I have collected over the years.  I had a necklace made with my son’s initials, when he was a baby, then another necklace with two birds with my husband and mine’s initials, and a bracelet with initial charms for both of my kids.  Some of the pieces have since gone missing because Madelyn thinks it’s fun to wear my jewelry and apparently doesn’t understand the importance of putting my stuff away after she borrows it.  I will probably find a necklace or two under her mattress one of these days.

Hand-stamped jewelry is a great keepsake for moms.  Just don’t let your young kids use it for dress-up. 😉 Many pieces can be customized with a child’s name, initials, birth date, and even a birthstone.   Celebrity moms, such as Nicole Richie, have been seen wearing hand-stamped jewelry with their child’s initial or name on it.

Here are three hand-stamped bracelets and three hand-stamped necklaces that I love

personalized hand stamped jewelry


1 – Lowercase Typewriter Initial Necklace / $64 at Boticca.com
This necklace is 16″ long and features two charms, each measuring 3/8″ wide.  14k gold-filled chain and charms.

2 – 2 Rectangle Name Tag Necklace / $114+ at Anna Bee Jewelry
This necklace is my favorite of the bunch not just because it was worn by Gwyneth Paltrow.. no.. because it is simple.  These pieces can be made with gold, silver, or mixed metals.  Each one-of-a-kind piece is handmade including the charms.

3 – sheena is – riveted or pyramid stud bangle / $59 at Three Sisters
This is my favorite hand stamped bracelet.. for now at least.  I love it!  You can choose from round rivets or pyramid studs.  I’d go with the pyramid studs. 🙂

4 – Silver Two Charm Necklace / $70 at Hip Mom Jewelry
This necklace features 2 sterling silver charms and can be accented by birthstones or freshwater pearls.

5 – Love Always Wrap Handstamped Bracelet / $23 on Etsy
While you can’t customize the phrase on this bracelet, what I love about this bracelet  is that the stamped piece is held together by leather.  You can choose 5 colors of leather.

Do you have a hand-stamped piece of jewelry with your child’s name on it? Where did you get it?

Wear Your Most Memorable Dates With This Calendar Key Charm From Not Just Any Old Day

I am going to surprise my husband with a special gift for our 13th wedding anniversary this year.

November 13th, 2009 is the day my husband and I were married.  Our wedding took place in a beautiful historic home in downtown Roswell, GA, surrounded by family and friends.

Mother's Day gift from my husband
Mother's Day gift from my husband

During the last 13 years, my husband has presented me with many memorable gifts.   It’s nearly impossible for me to trump his gift giving skills.  For Mother’s Day one year, he wrote me a beautiful letter and framed it with photographs of our kids.   Imagine trying to top that gift come Father’s Day?

For our anniversary this November, I can confidently say that I will finally trump him.

I am thrilled to present him with a Not Just Any Old Day..It’s YOUR Special Day® Calendar Key.  This beautiful piece of jewelry is an heirloom quality sterling silver key engraved with “November” and our anniversary date is marked with a gorgeous crystal. I know without a doubt that he will treasure this piece for years.  Because he is sentimental and will want to see it every day, I think we’ll hang it from a hook next to our mirror in our room.


For wives who’s husbands aren’t quite as sentimental as mine, you can put the key on a necklace chain and wear your favorite date close to your heart.

Not Just Any Old Day silver calendar key


Actress Tori Spelling has a Not Just Any Old Day necklace with the dates of her first two children Liam and Stella.

Personalized engraving is available.

The chain is sold separately.

Create your own Not Just Any Old Day key or other personalized piece such as a charm, ring, or wide cuffed bracelet at www.notjustanyoldday.com.

Today’s Featured Etsy Item: Bird Sillouette and Branch Lariat

Etsy bird necklace
Bird Sillouette and Branch Lariat - $20

Take a look at this adorable Lariat (AKA necklace) by morganprather.

This 16 inch necklace is made from a sterling silver chain and is decorated with a rhodium tree branch and bird pendant. It is connected together with a sterling silver clasp. It is a beautiful piece perfect for giving to a special someone or as a gift to yourself.

Please note that items sold on Etsy are often one of a kind and the prices may change.  As of the writing of this post, the price for this item was as featured above.

Morgan Prather is a stay at home mom and while her Etsy shop and kids keep her busy she’s always up to date with modern trends.

View this item on Etsy here.

Alicia Hagan, Mom Blog editor