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Bath Blizzard – a bubble bath toy

I am really glad I was given the opportunity to review the bath blizzard but I can’t say that I would spend $19.99 on this product.  The concept of the bath blizzard is great but a I have a few issues with it.  I recommend that you take a look at the (4 page) instruction sheet, which you will find on the Kid Kleen website here before buying a bath blizzard.

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Soapylove soapsicles

My kids LOVE soapsicles. 

The kids used soapsicles for the first time while we were on vacation in Florida last week and watching them wash & play with these super fragrant and toddler friendly soaps was great!

When Madelyn (2 years old) first saw soapsicles, her reaction was to put them in her mouth and she had to try (lick) all three of them before she was convinced that they are for the bath tub and not to eat.   Disclaimer: I don’t recommend allowing your children to lick soap, although Soaplylove soapsicles are SLS free and all fragrance oils are phthalate free.

Soaplove’s true to size soapsicles are available in several mouth watering fragrances including lemonade and orange.   My favorite, the ‘bath blaster‘ reminds me of the Popsicle I would run to the ice cream truck for.. about 25 years ago.

I didn’t expect the soapsicles to product bubbles, but the bubbles you see in the photograph are from two soapsicles!   I expected to see bare popsicle sticks in the bathtub after the water was drained, but they looked almost new!  Soaplove’s soapsicle sticks are wooden, just like real Popsicle sticks so Madelyn is able to get a good grip on her soapsicle.

Click the photograph below to see an enlarged view of the Bath Blaster soapsicle.

WEBSITE:  Soapylove