Get Ready for Summer Camp with Mabel’s Labels Camp Label Pack + Coupon
Get Ready for Summer Camp with Mabel's Labels Camp Label Pack + Coupon

Get Ready For Summer Camp With Mabel’s Labels Camp Label Pack

by Alicia in Fashion & Style

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This post was originally published June 2015 but all information is still relevant.

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Madelyn has had label stickers with her name on them for as long as I can remember.  They were on her sippy cups she took to preschool, her lunchbox she took to pre-K, the jacket she wore to kindergarten, and the water bottle she took to summer camp.   I remember my mom or dad wrote my name on my clothes tags and other valuable items I might have been prone to lose at school or camp.  Now parents don’t have to dig through their junk drawer to find a sharpie and hope the sharpie ink lasts through more than a few washes.

Mabel's Labels summer camp labels

Mabel’s Labels solved that issue with their award-winning, customizable label products that are laundry, dishwasher, UV resistant, waterproof, and microwave safe!  Their Limited Edition Camp Label Pack includes every type of label your child’s valuables need to help avoid mix-ups and lost items at summer camp.  We put Madelyn’s customized camp labels on her water bottle, lunch box, sun hat, flashlight, and backpack.. so far.  I’m sure we’ll find a dozen more things to put labels on like shoes, shirts, swimsuit, towel, goggles, and knowing her she’ll probably want a label on her favorite pencil.  🙂

Mabel's Labels

The first year Madelyn went to summer camp she was a bit hesitant.   To get her excited about camp we let her decorate her camp bag with stickers, colorful Sharpie markers, and put name labels on.. well, everything!  The name labels were mostly for my sake at the time. I figured she’d lose her water bottle or lunch box and I wanted to make life easier on myself by having her name plastered on her belongings.  Now, years later, this has become a tradition.  To get her ready for camp, we spread her camp gear out on the living room floor, get stickers, Sharpies, and name labels, turn on KidzBop and have a blast customizing her camp gear!

Mabel's Labels camp IDs

Creating and ordering Madelyn’s camp labels was fun and easy.  Shoppers can customize their labels with their child’s name, choice of dozens of designs, colors, and fonts.  Madelyn loves hearts so we went with those for her labels.   She flip-flopped between the peace sign, hearts, and canoe – so many choices!  She also couldn’t decide which font she liked best so we did a coin toss between our top two favorites and wahlah.. we had a font!

Ordering Mabel's Labels camp label pack

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