Best Buy: LG G4 – An Exceptional Visual Experience in the Palm of your Hand
Best Buy: LG G4 - An Exceptional Visual Experience in the Palm of your Hand

Best Buy: LG G4 – An Exceptional Visual Experience in the Palm of your Hand

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Best Buy LG G4

The LG G4 has landed at Best Buy and it’s causing quite the excitement.  LG’s latest phone boasts an impressive camera, improved display and expandable memory making the LG G4 a great option if you’re in the market for a new smartphone.  The latest cell phone from LG features a superior camera experience, a cutting-edge 5.5″ display and an elegant and comfortable design and you can check it out now at your local Best Buy.

Best Buy LG G4

Camera & Display

The G4’s camera app has a manual mode with 15 settings and over 135 options as well as improved Laser Auto Focus so you’re always ready to capture the moment your daughter nails the pirouette she’s been practicing for months.   11% more light is brought into low-light photographs, thanks to the lens with an aperture of f/1.8, resulting in great photos of the kids playing sports in the evening.  538ppi give the screen incredible detail and sharpness and with such an impressive pixel-dense display you, and your kids, are sure to enjoy multimedia for hours.   Just what you need right?  The 25% brighter display and 50% improvement in contrast (from LG G3) makes for colors that are vibrant and eye-catching which you’ll definitely notice when you take a look at the LG G4 at your local Best Buy.  Capture a photo with the 16MP rear facing camera while you’re at the store and you’ll be captured.. by the LG G4!   Your teen will appreciate the 8MP front facing camera making selfies better than ever and photo enthusiasts (aka parents of newborns) will appreciate the G4s RAW image file capture allowing for the highest possible image quality so photos can be blown up to poster size and framed for the grandparents.  Just kidding.. I would *never* do that.   Wink.  You know those times when you’ve tried to capture a photograph of your dog catching a frisbee or your baby taking his first steps?   The G4s Optical Image Stabilization steadies the shot for a sharp, focused image while the color-spectrum sensor, a feature that adjusts the white balance according to the lighting situation, further makes the LG G4 a captivating phone.

Look & Feel

I like the LG G4’s slightly curved back.  It helps the phone feel secure in my hand.    The G4 has a 5.5″ screen and because the edges are narrower than many phones with the same screen size, the phone feels more compact.  Available back cover styles include black or brown genuine leather and metallic and ceramic style for a premium look and feel.

Android 5.1 Lollipop with LG’s new UX 4 provides familiar usability features to Android users, like Dual Window, Smart Notices, multi-tasking, Knock On/Code, which allows you to unlock the screen by tapping on it, multi-user support, and more.

Best Buy LG G4 camera

Storage & Memory

LG’s G4 has 3GB of RAM providing users with quick processing and a plethora of multi-tasking opportunities.. something parents love! 😉  The LGG4 comes with 32GB native storage and a microSD card slot.   You read that right.  Not only do you get 32GB of internal storage, you can expand the storage capability of your G4 with a microSD card.  Imagine not worrying about running out of space for photos and videos at your kids next game or recital.  Speaking of never running out.. the G4 has a replaceable high capacity 3,000mAH battery so you won’t ever run out of battery during a big game again!

Best Buy LG G4 battery

Get a $100 Best Buy® Gift Card!

Best Buy customers are guaranteed a $100 Best Buy® Gift Card when they purchase the LG G4.  Offer valid LG G4 Release Date-6/13/15


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