Pediped Flex Shoes – Comfortable & Durable Shoes for Big Girls
Pediped Flex Shoes Review

Pediped Flex Shoes Review – Comfortable & Durable Shoes for Girls

by Alicia in Fashion & Style, Shoes

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When I think of Pediped I think of cute little baby shoes or first walker shoes.  It was important to me when my kids were baby’s to put comfortable, supportive shoes on their feet.  It’s just as important now that they are 9 and 15.   Shoes can be considered an investment especially for little kids whose feet are still developing and need the best quality.

Pediped Flex Shoes Review

Madelyn was sent a pair of Pediped Flex Angelle shoes to review recently and she wears them all the time.  That says a lot because she’s very picky about shoes, and socks for that matter.  She won’t wear a shoe that is the slightest bit too small or too big or have anything scratchy or rough on the inside.   It’s like she’s the princess and the pea of shoes.  She wears seamless socks too.  I guess that’s a thing for a lot of kids.   When I opened the box my first thought was that they look a little young for Madelyn’s age (almost 9 years old).  But when she put the shoes on, oh my gosh!, they are adorable!

Pediped Flex youth shoes reviewPediped’s Flex Angelle can be paired with a dress just as well as with shorts; they are very versatile!  Madelyn can wear these shoes for hours thanks to the memory foam footbeds and flexible rubber outsoles.  The fact that they are easy to clean is a huge plus for me! 🙂  This shoe is available in sizes 12 to 4.5 youth.

Sneakers, sandals, ballet flats, and mary janes shoes makeup Pediped’s Flex line of shoes.

Not only are pediped shoes stylish, classic and timeless shoes, they are made to support the growth and development of little feet! pediped has done a lot of research and testing to create the very best shoes for children.


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