Fashion Love: 4 Favorite Booties For Fall/Winter
Fashion Love: 4 Favorite Booties For Fall/Winter

Fashion Love: 4 Favorite Booties For Fall/Winter

by Alicia in Fashion & Style, Style Guide

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I got my fall/winter clothes down from the attic a few days ago and while I’m happy to have warm clothes to wear again, I’m not thrilled with my options.   My fall and winter clothes consist of skinny jeans, corduroys, and black GAP and Old Navy sweaters.  That’s right, I’ll be wearing skinny jeans with a black sweater everyday for the next few months if I don’t go shopping.   So, considering that I probably won’t go shopping soon mostly because of the 10-15 extra pounds I need to lose before I buy new clothes, I thought of ways I can add some excitement to my winter outfit.

I’ve been thinking about what I can do to add some interest to my skinny jeans and black sweater outfit until I allow myself to buy new winter clothes.  A few ideas I’ve come up with are to find a couple of statement necklaces.  I love big necklaces that scream ‘look at me’ but haven’t taken the time to really look for one so you can expect to see a post about statement necklaces very soon. 🙂

Earrings and scarves are two other things I’ve thought of trying.  I hesitate to wear earrings that are substantial enough to be considered part of an outfit because my ears are very sensitive.  I am going to put more effort into finding lightweight, larger than tiny, cute earrings.

I am a casual kind of girl so I don’t worry too much about what I wear but as I’m getting older and I feel like my identity is less and less about me than it is about being a mom, I’m searching for ways to stand out a bit again.  Not stand out in the ‘I want all the attention’ sense, because I don’t, but in the way that I feel like I’m not just throwing on a pair of jeans and a sweater and heading out the door.  I want to look cute.. like I put effort into what I’m wearing.

One more thing that I think will make a big difference with my winter wardrobe is shoes.   I own 12 pairs of shoes and none of them are ‘winter’ shoes.   I have 3 pairs of ballet flats; all of which need to be replaced, 4 pairs of flats, mostly Merrells which are really comfortable but not the shoes to wear when trying to add something to an outfit via shoes, one pair of black pumps, a pair of black Naturalizer flats, and the rest of my shoes are sandals and flip-flops.  I have a couple of UGG boots but while I love them and wear them around the house, I don’t wear them out of the house because they are too big.. they were hand me downs from my sister who wears a size or two larger than I do.  Speaking of UGGs, I LOVE the Neevah UGG booties – number 4 in the photo below.   I would be more likely to wear them in Chocolate than the Charcoal color below, but Charcoal might not be so bad with my ‘winter outfit’, would it?

4 pairs of winter booties for women

1 – Valerie Shearling Lined Booties at – $428.00

2 – Horrigan Wrap Strap Booties at – $298.00

3 – ‘Macri’ Bootie at – $295.00

4 – ‘Neevah’ Bootie (Women) by UGG Australia at – $149.95

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