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5 Personalized Hand-Stamped Bracelets and Necklaces

I have over a dozen pieces of personalized hand-stamped jewelry that I have collected over the years.  I had a necklace made with my son’s initials, when he was a baby, then another necklace with two birds with my husband and mine’s initials, and a bracelet with initial charms for both of my kids.  Some of the pieces have since gone missing because Madelyn thinks it’s fun to wear my jewelry and apparently doesn’t understand the importance of putting my stuff away after she borrows it.  I will probably find a necklace or two under her mattress one of these days.

Hand-stamped jewelry is a great keepsake for moms.  Just don’t let your young kids use it for dress-up. 😉 Many pieces can be customized with a child’s name, initials, birth date, and even a birthstone.   Celebrity moms, such as Nicole Richie, have been seen wearing hand-stamped jewelry with their child’s initial or name on it.

Here are three hand-stamped bracelets and three hand-stamped necklaces that I love

personalized hand stamped jewelry


1 – Lowercase Typewriter Initial Necklace / $64 at
This necklace is 16″ long and features two charms, each measuring 3/8″ wide.  14k gold-filled chain and charms.

2 – 2 Rectangle Name Tag Necklace / $114+ at Anna Bee Jewelry
This necklace is my favorite of the bunch not just because it was worn by Gwyneth Paltrow.. no.. because it is simple.  These pieces can be made with gold, silver, or mixed metals.  Each one-of-a-kind piece is handmade including the charms.

3 – sheena is – riveted or pyramid stud bangle / $59 at Three Sisters
This is my favorite hand stamped bracelet.. for now at least.  I love it!  You can choose from round rivets or pyramid studs.  I’d go with the pyramid studs. 🙂

4 – Silver Two Charm Necklace / $70 at Hip Mom Jewelry
This necklace features 2 sterling silver charms and can be accented by birthstones or freshwater pearls.

5 – Love Always Wrap Handstamped Bracelet / $23 on Etsy
While you can’t customize the phrase on this bracelet, what I love about this bracelet  is that the stamped piece is held together by leather.  You can choose 5 colors of leather.

Do you have a hand-stamped piece of jewelry with your child’s name on it? Where did you get it?

5 Patterned Sunglasses From $5 to $435 That Will Spice Up Your Summer Style

I have worn the same two pairs of sunglasses for years; Tory Burch sunglasses and Versace sunglasses with a cute little gold ribbon on each side which is totally not my style usually but the ribbon is small and just cute!  I was really upset when I saw that my Tory Burch sunglasses had scratches on the lenses so I did what I do and started a search for sunglasses online.

During my search for sunglasses I was reminded that not all sunglasses are alike.  Sunglasses come in different styles, colors, and shapes.   From leopard print to brightly colored flowers to polka dots, and even camouflage, despite how small sunglasses are, they sure can pack a punch of pattern!  I might expect camouflage from a pair of sunglasses in the sporting section at Walmart but I was surprised to see Tory Burch offering a sleek pair of what looks like camouflage sunglasses (#2 below).   I’m not brave enough to wear anything  camouflage or better yet, camouflage just isn’t my thing.

Here are five patterned sunglasses that will spice up your summer wardrobe!

patterned designer sunglasses

1 – Bottega Veneta 195/S / $435 at

2 – Tory Burch TY7054 / $205 at

3 – Prada Sunglasses, PR 29PS / $310 at

4 – Mossimo® Cateye Sunglasses – Tortoise / $16.99 at Target

5 – Tortoise Square Sunglasses / Ready for it? $5.80 at Forever21.  You read that right. 🙂

If you want to splurge on a pair of sunglasses I suggest you go to your local eyewear boutique and spend time trying several pairs on. Consider the nosebridge, color, fit, and shape when shopping for sunglasses.  While it might be fun to own a pair of leopard print or polka dot sunglasses, I think I’d rather spend money on a more basic looking pair that I feel comfortable wearing with any outfit and in any situation.   I’d rather pay a lot for a good pair of sunglasses I will wear for years than a little for a pair of sunglasses that will last a few months because they are flimsy.  Do you agree?   My daughter on the other hand… she’s all about the print!  It seems like leopard print sunglasses will always be trendy but what about aviators?  A post for another day I guess.

Do you wear sunglasses with a pattern or do you stick to plain, one color sunglasses?  Do you have a favorite brand of sunglasses?





Keep Your Feet Cool and Cute In These 5 Breathable Ballet Flats

Summer is quickly approaching and that means it’s time for sandals and flats.  I love ballet flats.  Ballet flats have been my go-to shoe for about three years and I don’t know how my feet survived 30-something years in something other than ballet flats or wedge sandals during the summer.  Actually, I do.  I wore either my black or tan pair of Earth mary janes for years and I still love them but they’re too hot to wear in the summer and maybe they are a little worn out.  Ballet flats come in a lot of styles and colors.  Some have bows, some are quilted and some are embellished with studs! I’ll show you some of my favorite embellished ballet flats another day. 🙂

Below are five pairs of breathable ballet flats.  These flats either have a breathable lining and/or insole.  You can feel confident that your feet won’t sweat in these shoes this summer.  I hate summer foot sweat which is why I also wear wedge sandals in the summer.

I’ve shown you ballet flats for little girls, now it’s time to show you breathable ballet flats for women.

Breathable ballet flats

1 – Hush Puppies Chaste Ballet – Hush Puppies are a tried and true shoe brand.  The breathable lining and a cushioned insole are sure to keep your feet comfy and cool this summer.

2 – Patagonia Maha Breathe – I love the Atoll Aqua color as shown above, but these flats are available in 6 colors in case you’re not fond of aqua shoes.

3 – J. Crew Quorra Ballet Flats – Look close and you’ll see Xs and Os on these sunwashed aqua ballet flats.  I think this color is really pretty but if aqua shoes don’t excite you you’ll be happy to know that these J. Crew ballet flats are available in four other colors.

4 – UGG Kellis Crystal – These flats don’t necessarily look breathable but from what I’ve read the breathable leather lining helps fight overheating feet and if these flats are true to the UGG brand they are very comfortable.

5 – Reebok ‘True Studio’ Ballet Flat – While these aren’t my favorite color, they look comfortable and definitely breathable.  These ballet flats are probably best for yoga or around the house.

Talk to us!

Do you have a favorite pair of ballet flats?  What do you look for when shopping for flats?  Do you consider breathability when shoe shopping or is style more important?

5 Rolling Travel Bags for Kids

5 Little Kid Rolling Travel Bags

With summer break comes summer travel.  For families with multiple children, or any children for that matter, it’s nearly impossible for parents to help roll a child’s luggage through the airport when they have their own luggage to carry. That’s why it’s a good idea to buy a travel bag or carry-on luggage made specifically for a child or something that is small and lightweight, at least. Things like luggage height, handle extension, wheels, and pockets should be taken into consideration when shopping for kids luggage.

7 things to consider when shopping for children’s luggage:

  • Does the bag have wheels?  Your child is likely not going to want to carry luggage through an airport or even to and from the car.  Luggage with wheels will help everyone stay happy!
  • Does the luggage handle extend?
  • Does the bag or luggage have multiple carry options such as rolling and backpack style?
  • What is the weight of the bag?
  • Is it small enough to fit under a seat on the plain or in an overhead bin?
  • If possible, find out what the weight limit is for the bag.  The maximum weight limit for a carry-on is around 40 pounds but many airlines only accept bags around 20 pounds so be sure to check before buying for a trip when you’ll be flying.
  • Does it have exterior pockets?  Exterior pockets are good for things like iPods, chargers, crayons, and a water bottle.  It’s nice to have quick access to these items while traveling.

These five rolling travel / carry-on size bags are perfect for jet-setting kids!


5 Rolling Travel Bags for Kids

  • 1 – Kids Travel Zone blue rolling carry-on – $44.99 at Kids Travel Zone
    This cute carry-on bag has wheels and can be monogrammed with your child’s name and an image!  It is available in 5 colors including blue and pink.
    Size: 17″ x 12.5″ x 5.75″


  • 2 – Terrance Trunki by Melissa & Doug – $40
    Designed to beat the boredom suffered by traveling tots, Trunki is a hand-luggage sized ride-on suitcase.
    Size: Trunki is 18.2 x 8.5 x 12.8 inches


  • 3 – Fairfax Aegean Blue Luggage – $89.50 at Pottery Barn Kids
    This adorable luggage can be monogrammed with your child’s name and has heavy-duty metal handles and tough nylon zippers which will help it last for years.
    Size: 13″ wide x 7.5″ deep x 17″ high


  • 4 – Navy and Aqua Rolling Luggage – $49.99 at Lillian Vernon
    This rolling suitcase is great for the gadget loving child.  Chargers and devices can be stored in the side pockets while larger items fit in the main compartment.  Can be embroidered with up to 12 characters.
    Size: 5″ x 12″ x 16″ H.


  • 5 – Solid FeatherLight™ Wheeled Large Backpack – $89.99 at
    This lightweight backpack has inline skate wheels that roll smoothly and has adjustable sternum straps to keep the bag in place on the shoulders and support the back.
    Size: 19 1/2″Hx13″Wx8″D

Does your child have a travel bag of their own or does he/she use one of your old carry-on bags?

Fashion Roundup: 5 Wedge Sandals I Love

It’s sandal time!   I am pretty tired of wearing close toed shoes.  I’ve been wearing ballet flats and mary janes since the beginning of winter and my toes are ready to be free!  That also means it’s time to get pedicures.. Mari.. are you reading this? 😉

I am a shortie (5’1″) and have never been a fan of heels because I feel unstable and oddly tall in them but in the last few years I’ve expanded my shoe collection to include a few pairs of wedge sandals and I love that they are comfortable and help me be taller if it is only temporary.  I’ve suffered through a winter of flats and am ready to wear wedge sandals again.   I almost bought a pair of TOMS wedge booties this winter but didn’t because it felt a little strange to have a close-toe wedge but I think when fall comes this year I’ll be ready.   Lucky for me, wedges look good with everything from jeans to leggings to skirts, in my opinion at least. 🙂

Wedge Height

The higher the wedge, the dressier the shoe.  I like to keep it casual and relatively low to the ground so I stick with a maximum heel height of 2.5 inches.  So far at least.

Wedge Base Material

The most common wedges are wooden and cork but my favorite, the Born Maldives, are leather wrapped.  The base of a wedge may be made of a solid piece of wood or cork or it may be hollow inside, which reduces the weight of the shoe, and wrapped in cork or wood. Other wedge base materials include rubber, plastic, leather and canvas. Wooden wedges are typically very cute but you might want to stay away from them if you need super comfortable wedge.  Cork wedges are usually very light weight.

wedge sandals - cork, leather, and wooden wedge

  • 1 – Sam & Libby Niles Wedge Sandals – $34.99 at
    These wedges are available in tan and black.   They are not sold in stores.  From what I’ve read, these wedge sandals fit true to size but are a bit narrow so you should be safe ordering your size.  If you have a wide foot, these might not be for you.
    Heel height: 2½”

  • 2 – Franco Sarto Doris Gladiator Sandal – $59.95 at
    This sandal with a 2½” stacked wedge heel is rated “very comfy” by customers on and appears to be true to size.
    Heel height: 2½”
  • 3 – Born Maldives – $110 at
    These are my favorite wedge sandals ever and well worth the price.   I have Born Maldives in black and tan and have worn them for two years.   The wedge heel of the black and tan pairs are leather wrapped but there are other colors that are cork wrapped which I think look pretty cool.
    Heel height: 2½”
  • 4 – Mephisto Minoa – $265 at
    Shoes from this tried and true brand are sure to be comfy but Mephisto’s style hasn’t always been my favorite.  I do like these sandals though.  A bit of glimmer makes these wedge sandals dressy but the cork and latex footbed dress them down a bit.  These sandals are available in four colors.
    Heel height: 2″
  • 5 – TOMS Canvas Wedge Sandal – $68 at
    These win the top prize, but there really isn’t a prize, for wedge sandals.. for this post at least. 🙂 You can’t beat $68 for a pair of comfortable wedges especially knowing that when you buy a pair, TOMS gives a pair of shoes to a child in need.
    Heel height: 4″

Happy wedge shopping!