Hurry and Get Your Kid’s Valentine’s Day Kids Clothes @ChildrensPlace!
Hurry and Get Your Kid's Valentine's Day Kids Clothes @ChildrensPlace!

Hurry and Get Your Kid’s Valentine’s Day Clothes @ChildrensPlace!

by Alicia in Age 3-5, Age 5-7

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On almost every hanger in my daughter’s closet is a piece from Old Navy, Carter’s, or The Children’s Place.  A few of my favorite ‘designer’ pieces of her’s are her bright red Lacoste tee, pale pink Izod dress, and a black Ralph Lauren sweater.  When I buy clothes for my kids I look at quality and cost.  I want my kid’s clothes to last at least a few months which can be a challenge seeing as how they love being outside.  The Children’s Place has proven to offer great quality clothes for my kids year after year.  I bought my 13-year-old son a sweatshirt from The Children’s Place just about a year ago (the largest size) because I wanted him to have a sweater that would hold up to his level of outdoor activity.

Every year at Christmas time, Easter, and Valentine’s Day, we used put our daughter in themed clothes.   That is until she started picking out her own clothes about a year ago.  Gone are the days when I could take my favorite holiday themed dress out of her closet and expect her to slip it on.  She has to choose her own outfits now.   I can however lead her in a direction such as wearing pink and red on Valentine’s Day.  I even thought about going so far as to take everything that doesn’t have red or pink on it out of her closet in the middle of the night before Valentine’s Day but I think she’d freak out if I did that so I won’t go there.

The Children’s Place has some super cute pink and red pieces out now that are perfect outfits for Valentine’s Day.  I know it’s a little last minute but I’m sure your local mall has a The Children’s Place you can run to tonight to pick up some clothes for your kids to wear on Valentine’s Day.

Here is a peek at what The Children’s Place has to offer this Valentine’s Day


The Children's Place Valentine's Day Clothes ideas


What are you waiting for? Go out and get some pink and red clothes for your kids! 🙂

If you just don’t think you have time to get to The Children’s Place today, you can check them out online here.

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