Fieldcrest® Luxury Down Alternative Pillow
Fieldcrest® Luxury Down Alternative Pillow filled with DACRON®

Fieldcrest Luxury Down Alternative Pillow filled with DACRON® Memory Fiber = Better Night’s Sleep

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A down pillow is something luxurious to sleep on. Unfortunately, I’ve learned over the years that down pillows can be a bit expensive and some people have allergies to down. DACRON®, and Fieldcrest have come up with the answer. It is a down alternative pillow that is filled with a special DACRON® memory fiber fill. This pillow is affordable for any budget, is as soft as down and has an added do not have to fluff this pillow every night! The memory fiber expands to its original size every time. Pretty great, right?  There are also no pinfeathers to poke through the fabric in the middle of the night.

The Target Fieldcrest Luxury Pillow w/Dacron Memory Fiber down alternative pillow is covered with 300 thread count cotton sateen fabric. That means the fabric has 300 threads to every inch. Most cotton pillowcases will have 150 thread count, which feels like a typical cotton fabric. A 200 thread count sateen feels smooth and luxurious. The 300 thread count cotton sateen will feel like superior luxury without the extravagant price tag. The pillows cost less than half the price of regular down pillows.

Fieldcrest Luxury pillow filled with DACRON® Memory Fiber.

Fieldcrest Luxury pillow filled with DACRON® Memory Fiber

If you suffer from pain in your shoulders, upper back or neck, this new pillow is large and wide enough to offer full support while you sleep. Quality rest does not just come from the mattress alone. The most comfortable mattress cannot help if the pillow is not comfortable.

This hypo-allergenic product has a decided advantage to natural down. While natural down must be taken to a dry cleaners experienced in handling natural products, these pillows are machine-washable. They can be cleaned and hung to dry at home. This saves money for the customer while providing the ultimate in comfort.

Comfortable pillow for children too!

Children love down alternative pillows too!

These pillows will make a wonderful addition to any bed. They will make great gifts for friends or family members who are having trouble getting enough rest every night. Use these in a house, dorm room, RV, boat or anywhere rest and comfort are needed. A good night’s rest is a sound investment.

DACRON memory fiber down alternative pillowThe global business director for INVISTA’S Dacron® Fiberfill business stated, “Compared to other super-soft down alternative fiberfills, DACRON® Memory Fiber fiberfill offers a full hand and resilience.”

My husband and I have really enjoyed resting our heads on our new Fieldcrest Luxury Down Alternative Pillows, available exclusively at Target stores and around June 17th, the last couple of weeks.  They look fabulous on our bed.. so much better than the flimsy, fluff filled pillows we had on our bed before.

This down alternative pillow is available at Target and bears the DACRON® fiber quality seal.

Alicia Hagan, Editor

Disclosure:  I was not compensated for this post.  I received two pillows for review purposes.

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