How Skype Makes Life Easier + a Moms and Technology Infographic
How Skype Makes Life Easier + a Moms and Technology Infographic

How #Skype Can Make Your Life Easier – and – A Moms and Technology Infographic

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Technology has changed the world we live in. Especially when it comes to being able to communicate and maintain relationships where geographical proximity is an issue. One of the leading tools in the evolution of technology is Skype.   I live hundreds of miles away from my Dad and sister but they see my kids regularly on the computer or iPhone.
In case you don’t already know what Skype is, it is a program that you download onto your computer, laptop, or mobile device, which gives you the ability to talk to, video chat with, and text chat with others who have  Skype.

A painful separation that often occurs for various life circumstances is the distance between grandparents and grandkids.  Often grandparent, aunts, uncles, cousins and family friends don’t live as close to their loved ones as they would like, thus missing out on milestones such as a baby’s first step or a first homerun. But with technology the way it is today a connection is just one click away, and grandparents can be right there with their family at the ball park or in their grandchild’s home via a Skype video chat. Grandparents don’t have to miss their grandchild’s ball game because of proximity.  Skype video chat allow grandparents to cheer on a loved one.

I’ve been using Skype quite a bit the last couple of weeks and have learned how Skype can make life easier and help me reconnect with people in my life like never before.

Here are some unique ways Skype can make life easier (and more fun!):

Have a virtual tutor for your child via Skype during summer break

Earphones with Skype

Use earphones for a more private Skype conversation

Among the unique ways to use Skype also includes the ability to have a tutoring session or study time with someone who would otherwise not be around.
If your child needs to study math or has homework you just can’t help with, Skype with someone who can, for one on one attention. These tutoring sessions can be done from the comfort of your own home and you can save time and money while getting your child homework help or summer tutoring.

Use Skype while shopping – get advice on that fabulous dress or shoes while you’re at the mall

Take a best friend with you as you go shopping.  I have been known to send my sister a photo or two while I’m in the dressing room at the mall. She lives hundreds of miles away but I almost always get her advice on the dress I’m trying on or a pair of shoes I adore, before buying.

Here’s a tip: Have your child use earphones during the tutoring session so she can better concentrate on the conversation.  Earphones are also great to use while you’re at the mall trying on clothes for your sister via Skype and you don’t want the lady in the next dressing room to hear everything your sister is saying about your choice of clothes. 🙂

Skype is available to on many devices

Another wonderful feature of Skype is it’s accessibility.  Skype is able to run on PCs, mobile phones, android devices, iOS devices, iPhones and Mac computers. This means that wherever you are and whatever you want to share with a loved one, you can do it on your mobile phone.

Do you have important timely information that is best communicated face to face? Don’t regret not living close to your family, it’s a fact of life, just make sure you bring your iPhone and your family can be right their with you when you need them most.

There is no comparison to actually seeing the person you are talking to be it your grand parent or your parent. Skype brings someone who may be a world away into your living room via your Mac, PC, iPhone or Android device.

Skype allows users to catch up with mom who  you might not haven’t seen since the holidays. Skype makes all these things possible where they never were before, and it can help you connect with the world in a brand new way.

Here are some very interesting research findings around Moms and technology

Skype Moms and Technology

Skype Moms and Technology Infographic

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