Three Lawn Care Tips To Grow Your Home’s Curb Appeal
Three Lawn Care Tips To Grow Your Home's Curb Appeal

Three Lawn Care Tips To Grow Your Home’s Curb Appeal

by Alicia in Gardening, Home & Garden

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One of the reasons we bought our home is because of its large yard.

My husband and I had visions of a beautiful, lush yard, perfectly spaced and aligned bushes lining the front and back of the house, and gorgeous colorful flowers in flower gardens that I would lovingly plan, dig, and maintain. Eight years later, we still have the large yard, and we have plenty of bushes and flowers but they are not nearly as lush, colorful, and aesthetically pleasing as we had visioned they would be.

I’m not worried though because our yard is on the mend with the help of TruGreen. We mow the lawn, pick weeds, and water our bushes and flowers. However, doing these things does not keep weeds and moss from growing. A service such as TruGreen is the ticket to losing the weeds and moss.

Here are 3 lawn care tips that will help grow your home’s curb appeal

Tip 1: Watering your lawn

TruGreen lawn care

Make sure your watering method efficiently covers the landscape

Improper watering of your lawn and landscapes can be a drain on your home’s curb appeal. In spring, check the working condition of sprinkler heads and related water lines to ensure they’re functioning properly. Also, make sure your automated or manual watering method efficiently covers the landscape. You can place a one-inch deep, empty food can in the middle of your lawn to measure depth of water collected each watering cycle.

Don’t over or under water your lawn. Give your lawn and landscape a slow, steady watering about once a week, and adjust your watering schedule depending on your area’s rainfall, grass and soil type. Be aware of local water restrictions.

Tip 2: Complement your lawn with color


Consider Hydrangea for a burst of color

Create an instant pop of color and help your home’s curb appeal bloom this spring. Consider your home’s exterior when selecting flowering plant combinations for plant beds, window boxes or front porch planters. With a white house, any color combination will work well. With a yellow house, red or pink blooms tend to complement best.

Dead plants can quickly wilt your home’s walk-up allure. When preparing to plant, ensure proper drainage, nutrients and moisture for healthy root systems and blooms.


Tip 3: Grass Vs. Weeds

TruGreen grass vs weeds

Grass is starting to compete with weeds for space and nutrients this spring. However, a lawn care approach that works in one region of the country doesn’t necessarily work the same in another area.


TrueGreen lawn care

According to Ben Hamza, Ph.D., TruGreen expert and director of technical operations, TruGreen will design a custom plan to provide your yard exactly what it needs to give your lawn the right start.

“TruGreen offers customized lawn care designed specifically to meet your lawn’s needs throughout the year based on climate, grass type, soil condition and usage. And we back it up with our Healthy Lawn Guarantee,” Hamza said.

The TruGreen Healthy Lawn Plan includes protection against lawn pests, the use of a time- release formula to gradually feed important nutrients to the lawn, and ongoing customized lawn care.

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