My Husband Has Swimsuit Confidence Thanks To..
My Husband Has Swimsuit Confidence Thanks To..

My Husband Has Swimsuit #Confidence Thanks To..

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Land’s End.

This week, May 21st through 25th, Lands’ End and SELF Magazine launched the second-annual National Swimsuit Confidence Week.  I reviewed a Lands’ End swimsuit a couple of years ago and still wear the same swimsuit.  Why? Because I feel confident in it.
This year I have seen a lot of blogs where bloggers are writing about swimsuit confidence.  That’s fabulous but upon reading the blog posts about swimsuit confidence, I realized that my husband is much like me in that he’s not anxious to slip into a swimsuit come summer months.

men's land's end rash guard shirts and swimsuits

Lands' End Rash Guard

We are going to Callaway Gardens, a local attraction with a lake beach, zip lining course, bike riding trails, and hiking, this weekend.  Because the lake beach will be open and it will be obvious to our kids that it is open, my husband and I have to suck it up and bring our swimsuits.. possibly even wear them!  You might hear me scream all they way in California.  I don’t know.

You may be wondering why my husband even needs swimsuit confidence.  Men don’t worry about appearance nearly as much as women right? Wrong.  I appreciate that my husband is concerned about his appearance.  It makes him more ‘real’ to me.  I have been known to joke that my husband has a narrower frame that I do and that he is as white as a ghost.  I only say it because he’s said it at some point too.  I wouldn’t just say that.  Just like my husband wouldn’t say “gosh Alicia, you sure are pale curvy”.

Because we are going to be in a potential swimsuit wearing situation this weekend, my husband went shopping for a swimsuit and rash guard that will hide “the stuff that hangs out everywhere”.  Apparently swim shorts don’t do the trick.  A rash guard is what makes him feel most confident at the beach.  Those are his words, not mine!

Why he chose a Lands’ End short sleeve rash guard

  • It covers “the stuff that hangs out everywhere”
  • UPF 50+ fabric blocks damaging UV rays
  • Fits close to the body, won’t “balloon” when you’re in the water
  • Keeps skin safe from abrasion
  • Four-way stretch for easy movement
  • Lightweight nylon/spandex blend

This featherweight cover-up is UPF 50+ which blocks damaging UV rays.  This is something we are all concerned about.  He would spend about 10 minutes spraying himself with SPF, before he started wearing a rash guard.  He still puts sunscreen on the rest of his exposed skin, don’t worry about that!  This rash guard dries with just a few shakes and protects his skin from harsh abrasives like sand which he inevitably ends up rolling around in with the kids.

This year when you are shopping for a swimsuit that will boost your confidence keep in mind that your husband might appreciate having swimsuit confidence too!

Alicia Hagan, Editor

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