Britax Frontier 85 booster seat review
Britax Frontier 85 booster seat review

Britax Frontier 85 Booster Seat Review

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When my daughter left the hospital she was placed in a Britax car seat like this one.  She rode in that seat, safe and secure until she was over 5-years-old.  Some people say that was too long but I wanted to ensure that she was safe and she never complained about comfort so I kept her in it as long as I could.  At a little older than 5-years-old she became a bit too tall for that car seat. I wanted to continue using a 5-point-harness on her until she was about twenty or so but she grew a little too tall and I realized that she would be plenty safe in a booster seat at her age and height.  I recently received a Britax Frontier 85 booster seat to review and I am very pleased as is my daughter. I am very happy with the safety features and asthetics while my daughter loves the dual cup holders, arm rests, and high back.

Britax Frontier 85 booster seat review

Britax Frontier 85 Booster Seat

Every parent wants their child to be as safe as possible in the car, and that’s the result with the Britax Frontier 85 Booster Seat. The Frontier 85 is designed for children that are 2 years old and a minimum of 25 pounds and 30 inches. The Frontier 85 will seat children to 85 pounds and 57 inches with the 5-point harness, and it then converts to a booster seat for children 40-120 pounds and 42-65 inches. The seat allows for the highest seated shoulder height available, which is 12-20 inches with the harness and 13.5-24.5 with the booster.

Britax designed this booster seat with several top-quality safety features, and their dedication to keeping children safe with an easy to use Harness-2-Booster seat shows that they are leaders in the industry.

I had the Frontier 85 out of the box and installed in my car within 15 minutes. That 15 minutes included removing the harness straps from the booster seat as she is using the lap belt, adjusting the back height, snapping the LATCH connectors into my car’s seat, and once I had the seat in the car I made sure that the Versa-Tether was very tight.

Britax Frontier 85 booster seat

My daughter in her Britax Frontier 85 booster seat.

The Frontier 85 has lots of features to help prevent injury.

The Energy-Absorbing Versa-Tether slows forward movement, reduces the force caused by a crash, and includes a two-point attachment which anchors the top of the seat. The Harness Ultra Guard System (HUGS) and Tangle Free Five-Point Harness works with the tether to reduce movement of your child and protect them. HUGS are located on the chest area of the harness straps and work with the higher center of gravity of larger children to keep your child safe as they grow. The Tangle Free Five-Point Harness has 10 height positions and three buckle positions to help transfer crash forces over the strongest parts of their body. These leading safety features reduce the risk of injury and leave you with peace of mind.

Britax’s Frontier 85 Booster Seat also lets your child ride comfortably, with features such as armrests and integrated cup holders. The cup holders do not increase the width of the seat and will hold common beverages such as a 20-oz water bottle. Keeping mom’s comfort (and sanity) in mind, Britax designed the seat with a washable cover.

If you’re looking for a Harness-2-Booster seat, the Britax Frontier 85 is the ideal seat. No parent should have to worry about their child’s care or comfort while driving, and the Frontier 85 eliminates all concerns.

If you aren’t sure when your child will be ready for a booster seat, take a look at Britax’s Booster Basics page where you will find detailed information about how to tell if your child is ready for a booster seat or not.

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