You’re never a tourist at The King and Prince Resort on St. Simons Island, GA
There are no tourists at The King and Prince Resort on St. Simons Island, GA

No One’s a Tourist at The King and Prince Resort on St. Simons Island, GA

by Alicia on April 22, 2012 in New posts, Travel

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The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort on St. Simons Island, GA

The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort on St. Simons Island, GA

Have you ever gone on vacation and when it was time to go home you felt like you were leaving home and friends?

The King and Prince Resort on St. Simons Island in Georgia was my home for the last four days.  This four day trip was not a typical vacation destination.  The wonderful people who hosted us while on the trip made us feel like we were at home.  Vacationers are family at The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort.  There are no tourists.

Cap Fendig was one of the first residents of the island that I met while at The King and Prince.  Within minutes of meeting Cap and hearing him talk about the island I transitioned from feeling like a tourist to feeling like I was a friend of his visiting the island.  Cap knows the island inside and out and educates and entertains his tour customers.

I also met The King and Prince’s Executive Chef Jeff Kaplan and Vinny D’Agostino director of Food & Beverage who both did everything they could to make myself and the other travellers feel like I was at home while dining on delicious meals including shrimp and grits and blackberry sorbet that just melted in my mouth.  It seemed effortless on their part to make us feel at home.  In just a few days we learned about their families, the history The King and Prince and the island.

For three nights I feel asleep to the sound of ocean waves and for three nights I slept like a baby.  As soon as I stepped onto my balcony in the mornings I felt invigorated, inspired, and ready to take on the day.  My worries and anxiety, something I deal with daily, seemed to drift off into thin air while on St. Simons Island.  Being at The King and Prince Resort was therapeutic for me.  Yesterday I took a walk on the beach and saw dolphins playing in the waves very close to shore. I am pretty sure they were telling me to come back soon and stay a little longer next time.

Today I have a headache and I’ve been trying to pretend the sound of passing cars is ocean waves. Are those signs of withdrawal?

I’ll be back at The King and Prince this summer with my family.  Thank you to Leigh Cort, The King and Prince ResortCap Fendig, Vinny D’Agostino, Chef Jeff Kaplan, and Bud St. Pierre, Griffin Bufkin of Southern Soul BBQ, crew of Lady Jane Shrimping Cruiseand the people of St. Simons Island for hosting me on this amazing trip!

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- Alicia

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