Review of 3M™ Privacy Screen Protector for Apple® iPad®

3M™ Privacy Screen Protector for Apple® iPad®

The Apple iPad is among the most popular electronic product in history.

Apple enthusiasts, workers and students love their iPad for what they can do on it.  However, some iPad users are bothered because other people can easily see everything that’s on their iPad’s screen.  For example, mothers playing Words with Friends might not want their kids to get interested in the words they use in the game, and commuters might want to check their stocks while riding on a train. Young adults might want some privacy while they chat with their significant others. Airlines are another place where iPad privacy is difficult to achieve. For example, a passenger might want to watch a movie that a neighboring passenger might find offensive.

3M™ Privacy Screen Protector for Apple® iPad®All these activities are impossible to do privately on an iPad without the 3M Privacy Screen Protector.The 3M Privacy Screen Protector for the Apple iPad is a remarkable accessory that protects iPad owners from prying eyes and their iPad screens from dirt and grime. The 3M Privacy Screen Protector limits the viewing angle of the iPad without adding any cumbersome attachments to it. With the screen protector in place, people to the front, sides and rear of an iPad user cannot see what’s on his or her iPad’s screen.

Two versions of this product are available: one for portrait mode and the other in landscape mode. Device owners should choose the model that fits the way they use their iPad most.  The 3M™ Privacy Screen Protector for Apple® iPad® is available for the original iPad and iPad 2.

Most people love the iPad because it is a useful tool for work and play. It only gets better when users don’t have to worry about sharing the contents of their screen with the world around them.  Wouldn’t you agree?

Disclosure: I was provided with a 3M Privacy Screen Protector for Apple iPad for review purposes.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Alicia Hagan, Editor


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