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Madelyn Loves Reading Thanks to iPad App Bookboard

Bookboard iPad reading appI cancelled cable about a year ago because I was so frustrated with the kids always expecting to be able to watch tv, then they’d turn into zombies when they were allowed to watch something, then they turned into evil little monsters when I told them to do something while they were watching tv.   Since I cancelled cable, I’ve had to come up with ways, creative ways, to occupy my 7-year-old.  My 14-year-old occupies himself by doing stuff outside, but my daughter has a difficult time finding things to do even though she has a gazzilion toys.  I was told about an iPad app called Bookboard recently that encourages children to read.  I’ve tried dozens of reading apps with my daughter but she never stuck with any of them.  I purposely didn’t right this post until she had been using the app for a month to be sure that it really was different and she still enjoyed it after that long.

Bookboard iPad app

For children who are inundated with fast-paced video games and television shows, reading has become a chore rather than a delight. The myriad benefits of reading–increased vocabulary, more developed analytical and critical reasoning, improved memory and focus–are useless if a child never picks up a book. Fortunately, not all electronic devices are detrimental to the habit of reading: one iOS app, Bookboard, has reimagined the concept to enchant and encourage young readers to explore the infinite world of reading.

Bookboard iPad app reading

Bookboard is especially appealing to children who have not yet fostered a love for reading. The gaming features (collecting new ebooks and unlocking items) provide an incentive for kids who are struggling with reading to continue to practice. And, of course, children who are already avid readers will enjoy using their skills to earn new titles to explore.

Bookboard is designed for readers up to age 12, and includes over 400 ebooks that are unlocked gradually the more a child reads.   My daughter responds well to incentives and the Bookboard app offers just that.

Madelyn reading Bookboard iPad app

You can download a 30-day free trial of Bookboard to explore its features and test out its unique motivational approach to reading. If you like the app, the pricing options for a full subscription are pleasingly affordable. A monthly subscription runs just $8.99 per month. A six-month subscription costs only $29.94, which works out to less than $5 a month. Considering many hardcover books run $30 or over, accessing Bookboard’s extensive library for the same price is a great deal.


Gift subscriptions to Bookboard can also be purchased for friends or family whose children will appreciate the gift of unlimited reading. A full year’s subscription only costs $54.99.

Bookboard subscribers enjoy other features of the app, including offline reading capabilities. Bookboard allows you to download up to twenty books at a time for your child to read at their leisure, no matter how far they are from a WiFi hotspot. Subscribers also have access to audio books which allow children to tap words or blocks of text to hear them read aloud.

If you are looking for a new way to encourage your child to read, give Bookboard a try. Its goal-based approach might just transform your reluctant reader into a bona fide bookworm.

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NEW Monsters University Storybook Deluxe App for iOS

Stay tuned for our review of the Monsters University Storybook Deluxe app review!

In anticipation of this summer’s release of the Monsters, Inc. movie prequel, Monster’s University, Disney Publishing has a released a brand new app – Monsters University Storybook Deluxe! 

The fully animated interactive storybook is now available for $6.99 in the iTunes App Store for the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Mini and sheds new light on the story of the friendship of beloved monster pals Mike and Sulley.

NEW Monsters University appPhoto source: iTunes

Young readers ages 6-10 will find out how the fun-loving monster duo went from being mismatched strangers to inseparable pals by exploring original film clips featuring official character voices, interactive storytelling exercises, game activities and more.

Additional app highlights include:

  • Create your own Monsters University ID badge & “Monsterify” photo tool
  • 3D, first-person game views and special rewards
  • Read-to-me and read-on-my-own narration options

Price: $6.99

Compatible with: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad Mini.

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Peter Pan: Disney Classics Book App for iPad and iPhone Now Available! | @DisneyDigiBooks @DisneyMobile

I have an iPad but my kids use it all the time. I’m sure that sounds familiar. I quickly realized that if my kids are going to take over my iPad, I can make sure that they are doing something educational on it.

I have math apps and reading apps for my 6-year-old daughter but little does she know that some apps like the Peter Pan: Disney Classics Book App I downloaded recently is educational, because it’s so fun!

Like most kids, my daughter has a short attention span so she gets bored with apps quickly. Not this one though. She jumps from the reading to and listening to the Peter Pan story, to coloring, to playing a memory matching game! Score for mom! Education and fun in one app!

Just like many books, this classic book app opens with a screen that says “This book belongs to ___”. My daughter loves to see her name and photo on the opening screen. She thinks that’s very cool.


Once she is in the app, she can choose to read or listen to the Peter Pan story, color pictures, play memory matching games, or do a puzzle.


She loves the puzzles. With levels from easy with 4 pieces to hard with 12 pieces she starts off easy then moves up to the highest level.


This year, Disney’s Peter Pan turns 60 years old. To celebrate, today Disney released an all-new “Diamond Edition” DVD/Blu-ray; however, fans can also experience the classic tale on mobile devices with the Peter Pan: Disney Classics book app. The iOS story takes readers to Neverland like never before. With read along activities, games and more, readers will join Peter Pan, Tinker Bell and the whole gang on a magical adventure whenever, wherever, and however they choose.

The Peter Pan interactive story features:

  • Reading modes for all ages
  • Coloring pages, interactive puzzles and memory matching games
  • Activities including a musical instrument activity similar to Peter’s

The Peter Pan: Disney Classics book app is available now for the iPhone and iPad on the App Store for $3.99.

I was provided with a code to download the app at no charge for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Disney iOS App and Magazine Subscription Sale! | @Disneydigibooks

Like most little girls, my daughter loves everything to do with Disney princesses and fairies.   While we were at Barnes & Noble not too long ago, she spotted a Disney Fairies magazine and insisted that it would occupy her for hours if I bought it for her.  Well, you know the rest of the story.  Yes, and yes.  She got the magazine and sure enough, collectively, she has occupied herself for at least two hours with the magazine.

Check out the great sales on Disney apps and subscription magazines going on now!

The holidays are here – and to celebrate, Disney Publishing is offering a special price for all of its Storybook Deluxe apps in iTunes from December 21 through January 2.

From an underwater journey with Nemo to a high-octane Cars adventure, these apps are top-rated and are great gifts for friends and family to send via email or add as a print out within a holiday card.

  • Finding Nemo Disney Storybook ios appTangled: Storybook Deluxe for $2.99 (orig. $6.99) – From mischievous thugs to dazzling festivals, Rapunzel and her friend Flynn quickly learn there is much more to life outside the tower!
  • Brave: Storybook Deluxe for $2.99 (orig. $6.99) – Merida, the Princess of DunBroch, adds her tale of courage and determination to the ancient lore  of the Scottish Highlands as she sets out to defy an age-old tradition and forge her own destiny.
  • Finding Nemo: Storybook Deluxe for $2.99 (orig. $6.99) – Join Nemo, Dory, and all your favorite characters in this fantastic retelling of the Disney-Pixar film with cinematic animation and word-for-word narration with the voices from the film.
  • Cars 2: Storybook Deluxe for $2.99 (orig. $6.99) – Experience the action-packed story of Disney/Pixar’s Cars 2 with vibrant art, professional narration, exciting music and sound effects, plus A-list celebrity voices from the film.


This holiday sale comes just in time for stocking stuffers, family travel, and Christmas day and New Year’s fun.  You can also find all of Disney Publishing’s digital book apps here:

Print magazines just $15!

If you’re looking for print magazine gifts, check out the popular Disney magazines below – each annual subscription is $15 for a limited time only!

Disney children's magazine subscriptions

Loud Crow Interactive Back To School App Sale Through September 3rd!

I download apps like they are going out of style and I have to snag them all up before they disappear and LOVE when I find apps that are on sale. My daughter loves reading/book apps and some games while my son who is 12-years-old enjoys challenging game apps.  Loud Crow Interactive offers a variety of apps for the iPhone, iPad, Nook, and Android devices.

Loud Crow Interactive is a publisher of interactive children’s content. Their goal is to educate and to inspire the young & the young at heart through high quality digital content.  A couple of my daughter’s favorite apps are PopOut! The Tale of Benjamin Bunny and Barnyard Dance both of which are Loud Crow Interactive apps and are 50% off through September 3rd!

During their back-to-school sale, they are featuring Apps for as low as $0.99 from August 22nd to September 3rd.

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