Be the Ultimate Gift Giver with Mud Pie Baby, Wedding, and Holiday Gifts
Mud Pie

Be the Ultimate Gift Giver with Mud Pie Baby, Wedding, and Holiday Gifts

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Mud Pie trendy baby items and gifts

Mud Pie plush toys

Mud Pie plush toys - My 4 year old loves this little guy!

I attended a fun event at the Mud Pie showroom at AmericasMart in Atlanta today called “Be the Ultimate Gift Giver!”.  Talk about fun.  For a couple of hours, I was surrounded by colorful, whimsical, all occasion, gift giving goodness.  I wasn’t familiar with the Mud Pie brand before today but now that I’ve learned about Mud Pie, you’d better believe I’ll turn to Mud Pie for just about every occasion including Mothers’s Day, Graduation gifts, Weddings, Anniversary’s, Birthdays, Christmas, Baby Showers, and even Halloween decor.  Mud Pie’s affordable prices make their gifts attainable by moms with even a budget on the lower end.

Creative, adorable, fun, and innovative gifts are words that describe Mud Pie®product.  The company began 25 years ago with 10 items and has grown into a leading gift company.

Mud Pie offers three catalogs – Baby, Gift and Initials, with over 1,500 items designed and produced exclusively by Mud Pie®.  Our goal is to bring you innovative, well-priced, packaged gifts that make you smile.

Mud Pie Essential Tote

Mud Pie Essential Tote

There’s no wonder celebrity moms including Marcia Cross enjoy Mud Pie’s products. Mud Pie’s Essential Tots are the perfect bag to pack with beach towels and toys for a day at the beach or for a trip to the market. The Essential Tote has a water-resistant interior lining and an interior pocket with a zipper. It retails for just $25 making it a great gift for all of your mom-friends, yourself, and don’t forget your Mom!

Marcia Miller of Mud Pie

Marcia Miller of Mud Pie

I really enjoyed talking to Mud Pie’s CEO Marcia Miller.  Marcia is a lovely person with a very professional and lively presence about her.  Love her!  Ms. Miller started a business in 1988 with a small pottery-making shop and named it “Mud Pie” because the pottery was painted brown to resemble terra cotta and the rest is history.  If only starting and running a business were really that simple.  I learned today that Ms. Miller and I share a similarity, one that I think neither of us prefer to share.. we were both run over by a car and seriously injured.  Despite the difficulties she’s been through as a result of the accident Ms. Miller has built this amazing company that caters to moms and all types of consumers with style, trend, and budget in mind.


Alicia Hagan, Mom Blog editor

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