My Quick Run to Sephora Turned into an ‘Experience’

My Quick Run to Sephora Turned into an ‘Experience’

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I ran out of my favorite tinted moisturizer a couple of months ago and decided that I would go to Sephora at the mall after I took my mom to the airport and dropped a tent of at my friend Stacie’s house this morning.   Since I was out that way, I thought I’d go to the Sephora at Perimeter Mall.. near Stacie, not so close to my house, but that didn’t work out seeing as how I got way lost. So, I drove on to my neck of the woods.. Kennessaw, GA and thought I’d be in and out of the mall (not one of my favorite places to be) in a few minutes. Well, that didn’t happen but I’m glad!

Smashbox Radiant Lip Enhancing Gloss

Smashbox Radiant Lip Enhancing Gloss - $18

Once I got to the Sephora store in the mall, I went to the Laura Mercier counter and grabbed my favorite tinted moisturizer.  Then I thought that while I was there I might as well take a look at some eyeshadow and lipgloss.   After about 15 minutes of browsing and swiping at least a dozen lig gloss colors on the back of my hand, a store employee asked if I needed help.  I may have scared him a little when I replied with “Yes, I’m desperate!” and  told him that I needed to find a lip color that would provide good coverage, but not require a lot of swiping on my lips.  You see, my lips are very sensitive and more than two swipes of a lipgloss makes my lips bright red and puffy.  Not pretty.  Well, this wonderful employee (who’s name I’m sad to say I don’t remember) said that I gave him a challenge he’s never experienced before! Score for Alicia!

After seriously pondering (I could see it in his eyes) my predicament for a few moments, he walked me to the Smashbox section of the store where he excitedly said “a brush applicator is what you need”! A brush applicator!  Why didn’t I think of that?  He proceeded to try a few colors on my hand, adding to the dozen I had already tried, and wahlah.. we found a delightful color that applied smoothly and matched my skin tone.  It’s a miracle!

Sephora Makeup Purchase
Next thing you know he and I were talking about the eyeshadow color palette I picked out (above) and when he had to go to the register to tend to a customer, another talented Sephora employee talked to me about less expensive tinted moisturizer options.   I went in to Sephora thinking I would buy my usual $42 tinted moisturizer and thanks to this helpful employee, I left with Sephora’s own tinted moisturizer, saving me $21!

That wasn’t the end of my trip to Sephora.. not at all! As I was about to check out, an employee asked me if I had a few minutes to spare to get a free hand massage and eye treatment. By this time, they knew me by name and I couldn’t turn down a free hand massage from Sephora employees who referred to me by name.  Even if they called me Bob I wouldn’t have turned down a free hand massage. The wonderful employee in the photo below, gave me an amazing hand massage and used the fabulous Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System ($245) on my eyes.  I’m not sure when my eyes will look as vibrant and non-puffy as they do since the treatment.  It really has an instant effect on the puffiness and dark circles.. love it!

Sephora eye treatment and hand massage

Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System - $245

I don’t think I’ll be so hesitant to visit Sephora at the mall again.  It’s not Sephora.. it’s the mall.  I just don’t like going to the mall really.  I usually buy makeup products online but the service and personal makeup and beauty advice that the employees at Sephora provided me made it 110% worth the drive and time to go to the actual store.

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Alicia Hagan, Mom Blog editor

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