How Tony’s Pizza Brings My Family Joy!
Tony's Pizza review

How Tony’s Pizza Brings My Family (and me!) Joy

by Alicia in New posts

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Evenings are hectic at our house. By about 6:00 I’m exhausted, still working (I work from home), helping my son with his homework, catching up on laundry, and trying to get my daughter to simmer down and get in ‘bed-mode’. ‘Pizza Night’ started off as my excuse to not fix dinner, but it’s turned into something much cooler.. a family fun night and a tradition that we all love. Tony’s Pizza is a fast and easy meal that the entire family enjoys and looks forward to.

Tony’s Pizza helps my family stay connected. We usually sit around the living room table (pizza night is the only time we don’t eat at the dining table), talk, tell jokes, or watch a movie while we eat pizza. Pizza night is our night to just sit back and laugh with the kids, catch up on what’s happening at school, or just relax and watch a good movie together.
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What I Love About Tony’s Pizza:

– It’s easy and quick to prepare allowing me to spend time with my family instead of with the stove
– There are lots of topping choices including my kid’s favorite, Hamburger
– Pizza leaves little to clean up!
– Tony’s Pizza is available in a few sizes including snack and pouches.

Make sure to enter the Tony’s Pizza 99 Days of More contest if you haven’t already!

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