Chris Brogan Speaking at Disney Social Media Moms – My Quick Notes

Chris Brogan Speaking to Mom Bloggers at Disney Social Media Moms – Fabulous CRAP Acronym

by Alicia in Blogger Resources

Chris Brogan - Disney Social Media Moms 2011
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Chris Brogan is currently speaking to about 200 mom bloggers at Disney Social Media Moms and gave us a really great acronym to think about.

This is a quick post with just a few tips from one of my favorite bloggers, Chris Brogan. If you’re on Twitter, follow Chris at @ChrisBrogan if you don’t already.


C – Connections.  Work on your network every day.
R – Referrals – We need referrals.  Give and take referrals.  Referral Engine by John Jantz (book recommendation)
A – Attention / Awareness – You have to be everywhere.  Put photo and videos up right away.
P – Presence – Be places.. be online. Have content moving all of the time.

Chris Brogan - Disney Social Media Moms

Chris Brogan speaking at Disney Social Media Moms


Alicia Hagan, Mom Blog editor

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