I’m going to talk to Selena Gomez & Joey King from Ramona and Beezus!
Ramona and Beezus Selena Gomez and Joey King

I’m going to talk to Selena Gomez & Joey King from Ramona and Beezus!

by Alicia in Celebrities

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Ramona and Beezus' Selena Gomez and Joey King

I’ve been invited to be part of a very special opportunity on behalf of the new film RAMONA AND BEEZUS, in theaters July 23rd.  The film’s stars, Selena Gomez and Joey King, will be participating in exclusive interviews with 10-15 select mommy bloggers and family friendly sites this Thursday, July 15th and I (The Mommy Insider) was selected as one of those select sites/bloggers.  Yay!  I am so honored to have been selected to talk to Selena Gomez of Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place and Joey King and can’t wait.. now it’s time to come up with a few questions for these wonderful actresses.

* What would you (or your kids) ask Selena Gomez and Joey King? Tell me in the comments below. *

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Wish me luck and don’t forget to tell me in the comments below what you would ask Selena Gomez and/or Joey King!
If I use your question in the interview, I will PayPal you $20 to use on Ramona and Beezus movie tickets.. or whatever you’d like.

The interview is Thursday July 15th, so hurry and enter your question below!  Be sure to specify whether the question is for Selena Gomez or Joey King when you leave your question in the comments below.  Enter up to two questions per actor.
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