Motorola MJ270R Two-Way Radio review and free designer faceplate offer
Motorola MJ270R Two-Way Radio review and free designer faceplate offer

Motorola MJ270R Two-Way Radio review and free designer faceplate offer

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Two-way radios have been around for years but up until a few years ago I didn’t feel the need to own a two-way radio.  HOWEVER now, I can imagine not having two pairs of two-way radios.  I know what you’re thinking.. don’t you all have cell phones?   Yes, my husband and I have iPhones and my son (spoiled) has a Palm.  Oh, and my 4 year old has a very cute Barbie cell phone that she uses often.  But, I don’t want to use our phone minutes just to tell my son that it’s time to come inside for dinner or to call him home from a nearby friend’s house.  That’s when our Motorola two-way radios come in handy.

My dad bought my family our first pair of Motorola two-way radios about 5 years ago and now we take those and our new Motorola MJ270R two-way radios with us on camping trips, hikes, and most vacations.  We have two two-way radio charger stations in our front hallway.. that tells you how often we use them.   Motorola’s  MJ270R two-way radios are great to take to places like Disney World, Busch Gardens, the Zoo, and Great Wolf Lodge, where older kids are likely to want to go to a different area than the younger kids.

Motorola’s MJ270R two-way radios are the perfect emergency preparedness communication tool for outdoor enthusiasts and active families and include features like an emergency alert button, 11 weather channels with an alert feature and a built in flashlight.
Want to keep in touch with changing weather conditions during your family camping adventure? There’s no need to stop the fun.  Weather alerts will provide you with warnings of incoming storms or dangerous conditions. And, by tuning in to one of 7 NOAA channels (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) on your MJ270, you will always know what to pack with continuous local and regional weather broadcasting. When you are hiking up a steep mountain trail, you really need to keep your hands free to brace the rocky terrain.  With iVOX acting like a speakerphone and allowing hands-free communication, you can keep on moving without stopping to answer a call.

For just about $50 you are giving yourself the opportunity to save money on your cell phone bill, be prepared in the case of an emergency, and have quick access to your child’s whereabouts whether they’re in the backyard or at a nearby friends house.

Buy your family a pair of Motorola TalkAbout MJ270R 27-Mile 22-Channel FRS/GMRS Two-Way Radios here.

Take a look at Motorola’s full line of Two-Way Radios here on Motorola’s website.

Bonus.. get free designer faceplates for your two-way radios!

Purchase a pair of Motorola MR350, MR355R, MR356R and MJ270R Talkabout 2-way radios from a participating retailer by December 31, 2010 then go to and follow the instructions on the website. You will be asked to fill out the promo code provided on the pack to receive your choice of free designer faceplates (includes two faceplates).

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