What’s your favorite diaper bag designer in the $100-$250 range?
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Colorful designer diaper bags in the $100-$200 range – What’s your favorite?

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I love to carry a brightly colored ‘mommy bag’ in the summer time.  Despite the changing seasons and the fact that I shouldn’t be wearing dark clothes in the Spring and Summer, chances are I’m still wearing a lot of black and dull browns and grays because that’s what I feel comfortable in and I like to spice (cha pow!) up my outfit with a little burst of color and picking out the right diaper bag (or mommy bag) is a great way to accomplish some ‘spice’ without looking like I just rolled out of a gumball machine.  Because, after all, you know that’s what I will look like if I try to wear more than one color at a time.

Check out these bursting-with-color designer diaper bags; and what’s best about them besides their colorful beauty of course, is the price.  All of these bags are in the $100-$200 range and speaking from experience; will last forever.

  1. Flee
  2. Fluerville
  3. O! Yikes Messenger diaper bag

Colorful diaper bags in the $100-$150 range

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What’s your favorite colorful diaper bag?

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