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I took a whole week off! Back to life now

by Alicia in Holiday, Personal

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I realized a few minutes ago that it’s Saturday which means that I took a whole week off of work, a first in many years. Even while on vacation I usually have my laptop with me, answer emails, write posts on The Mommy Insider and my other site Atlanta Moms, and I have even been known to take phone calls while on vacation. It felt really good to not do any of the above while in Florida last week.

Exactly one week ago the kids and I and my sister drove to Orlando to visit and celebrate Christmas with my Dad and step-mom. We had an incredible time. Between ice skating and an amazing trip to Disney World we relaxed at their house which has a beautiful lake small enough that we swim in (no alligators) during our Spring and Summer visits.

Today I am going to extend my vacation a little bit by spending time cleaning out my car and I am going to go through the kids gifts so I can actually see what they got. Not to mention cleaning, laundry, etc.

Then when things settle down later in the afternoon (am I kidding myself?), I am going to transfer all of my files and programs from my MacBook White to my new MacBook Pro that I haven’t use since I got it from my Dad Tuesday! Talk about torture! It’s so pretty and shiny and I am a total geek so not using a brand new super duper laptop is extremely difficult for me.

Have a great weekend and I’m going to put some photographs of our Orlando vacation up soon so subscribe to my (almost) daily RSS feed or weekly newsletter to be notified when I update the site.


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