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I wish I could sanitize our entire house in my Frigidaire Affinity washing machine..

by Alicia in Frigidaire, Health, New posts

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Frigidaire Affinity Washing MachineBetween my two kids, my husband, and myself, someone in our house has been sick since early September. First my son had Bronchitis, then he got a nasty stomach virus, two days later my 3 year old got the stomach virus, then two days later my husband got the stomach virus. Next, my 3 year old had Pneumonia, now my 10 year old has Pneumonia, and I have pharyngitis.. what the heck is that anyway? I don’t know.
The first thing I did after I realized that just cleaning the house wasn’t getting rid of the germs(like anything actually will) was to buy two cans of Lysol, one for soft porous surfaces and one for hard surfaces. Then I sprayed and cleaned all of the door handles, cabinets, remote controls, chairs, stair rails, the iron, anything that we touch I Lysoled.

Then I had a brilliant idea!
I remembered that my new Frigidaire Affinity Washing Machine has a Sanitize setting so I grabbed all of the sheets, blankets, pillow cases, stuffed animals, towels, pajamas, and anything else that the kids wore or touched regularly and SANITIZED them!

If only I could toss my area rugs, sofas, carpet, and toys in the washing machine, that would be awesome! Oh, but I learned recently that you can put some toys in the dishwasher. That would be considered sanitizing right?

Here’s another post about my Frigidaire washing machine.

your thoughts What special cleaning rituals do you have when you or your child is sick? Do you hire someone to clean for you? Bust out the vinegar? Or let the dust pile up because you’re to tired to clean? Let me know here.

Alicia Hagan

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