My new Frigidaire Affinity washer saved the day again. I was in need of a last minute purple popsicle removal. - The Mommy Insider

My new Frigidaire Affinity washer saved the day again. I was in need of a last minute purple popsicle removal.

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Frigidaire Affinity Washer - stain gone!

I was bummed when I saw a big purple popsicle stain on Madelyn’s brand new shirt she’s supposed to wear to preschool.  She’d had the shirt for about 7 hours, she just got it from her preschool orientation earlier that morning, at it was already stained! Ugh!
I put the shirt in the laundry area and then forgot about it for a couple of days until the night before school started, which is today! So last night, I rushed down to the laundry and put the shirt in the washing machine hoping that the stain would at least fade. How embarrassing would that be for Madelyn to go to school wearing a stained shirt on her first day of school?
I was so relieved when after just one cycle in my new Frigidaire Affinity Washing machine the purple popsicle stain was gone and the shirt looked brand new, bright colors and all.

More ways my new Affinity Washer and Dryer have helped me:

  • Sebastian doesn’t fuss about gathering and doing his laundry because he likes using the new washer and dryer.  They are easy for him to start, set, load, and unload.
  • The Advanced Rinse Technology allows for a final rinse during which fresh water is used as opposed to the left-over dirty water my old washing machine used.  Gross!
  • The 7 dry cycles and 12 dry options, including the Shrink Guard Ultra, allow me to dry even the most delicate clothes that I wouldn’t have dried ‘pre-Affinity’ for fear that I wouldn’t be able to fit into them anymore.

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