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Elephant Song free iPhone app – Madelyn watches over and over.. and over

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Elephant Song iPhone appThe YouTube sensation that is Eric Herman’s Elephant Song is now available on your iPhone for hours of entertainment for your toddler. Madelyn loves Elephant Song. She asks to watch it at night before bed.  I’m not sure how we got into that habit but it happened and it’s actually very entertaining to hear her sign along and watch her interact with the app.

The Elephant Song app is a music video and song that’s kids can interact with by tapping on the screen.  There aren’t any challenges like finding letters or numbers so this is a great iPhone app for young toddlers.   The song lyrics are funny and the graphics are simple, colorful and entertaining.   The screen shows a corresponding picture such as when Eric sings about a rooster who likes honey there is a rooster eating honey from a bee hive on the screen.  Next thing you know a cute little voice comes on saying no, that’s not right and corrects Eric.   The app moves through screens on its own and if your toddler wants to pause on a screen, she can press the pause button at the top of any screen.   Then when she presses on the animal on the screen she hears the sound that animal makes.  When the song is over Madelyn can build her own elephant from puzzle pieces that she can drag on the screen to put together.Elephant Song iPhone app

Just as I was writing this review and referring to the app, Madelyn walked up and stole my iPhone right from my desk!  She’s sitting on the couch, much like in the photograph above, watching the Elephant Song iPhone app, over and over again now.  It seems to never get old.  Good job guys!  We’ll see how this app entertains Madelyn on our 4.5 hr road trip Tuesday.

Download the Elephant Song iPhone app here Elephant Song.

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