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Picture Keeper – makes saving and sharing your photographs a snap!

by Alicia in Gadgets, New posts, Photographs

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I just love this new gadget!  There is not a mom I know that couldn’t use a Picture Keeper.

The Picture Keeper is a flash drive with embedded software that you don’t have to download to your hard drive–you just plug it in and it finds and copies all of your image files! Have more than one computer?  You can use the same Picture Keeper for multiple computers, including a Mac and a PC!  I have a PC desktop and a Mac laptop and it’s great to know that Picture Keeper will work on both.

When all of your photographs are on the Picture Keeper, unplug it and store it in a safe place. If you have a digital photo frame, plug the Picture Keeper in for an instant slide show. Or take your Picture Keeper to the drug store to select and print photos from a kiosk. Every time you take new photos and download to your computer, just plug in the Picture Keeper and it will find the new or modified files and add only those!

For more information about Picture Keeper and to buy a 8GB or 16GB Picture Keeper visit the Picture Keeper website here.

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