New Pillsbury Baking Products – make and enjoy cookies with your kids!

Pillsbury Baking MixesI don’t buy pre-packages cookies because I like to make them, but I rarely make them from scratch so I have to find a middle ground. I am thrilled to have recently found out about and tried a great new cookie mix from Pillsbury.

Pillsbury Baking Mixes give families an easy way to bake delicious, fresh-baked cookies at home without bakery prices.  My favorite of the three new Pillsbury Cookie Mixes is the Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix which Sebastian, my 9 year old, made a couple of weeks ago. How I wish we had some Pillsbury cookies now! It’s been a long and stressful day. My daughter had her first dentist appointment today.. enough said.

The other two of the three varieties are Funfetti® Cookie Mix and Reduced Sugar – Sugar Cookie Mix. The new Pillsbury Cookie Mixes will be in stores in June and the SRP is $1.99. The price is great for a product that you and your kids can make and enjoy together.  Pillsbury’s new baking mixes are quick and easy to make making them a great desert or special snack for you and your kids to make and enjoy on a whim.

Other new Pillsbury products include Pillsbury Brownie Minis™ Brownie Mix and Pillsbury Easy Frost™ No-Fuss Frosting.

For more information about Pillsbury’s new Baking Mixes and Frostings, visit their website here.

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