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The Shoulder Stroller: the stroller in a purse

by Alicia in Age 0-1 year, Strollers, Travel

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A stroller that fits in your purse.  It's true. This little mommy gadget is a back saver to say the least.  The Shoulder Strollers attaches to your baby's infant seat and then you place the perfect sized shoulder pad on the opposite shoulder which counterbalances the weight freeing you from back, neck and shoulder pain.  They key is that the shoulder strap redistributes the weight of the infant seat to use your larger muscles rather than just your arm muscles.  Using all of the muscles in just one arm and shoulder causes your entire back to be unbalanced which speaking from experience can case back pain and cramping.

Three easy steps and you're ready to go!

Three reasons you should use The Shoulder Stroller:

  1. It fits in your diaper bag or purse
  2. There's no reason to get the stroller out when running short errands.
  3. Saves you from back pain

The patent pending twin-lock safety system makes The Shoulder Stroller the safest hands-free carrier available

You can buy or learn moare about The Shoulder Stroller here.

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