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Qlubb – a web-based group utility that enables real-world groups to easily connect, share and get stuff done

by Alicia on January 23, 2009 in Organization

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I have desperately tried to think of a way to gather and organize contact information for Sebastian's class mom's, and other Cub Scout parents but could never figure out a way to get it done.  Thinking of how and when I could get and then organize everyone's name, phone number and email address totally froze my brain.  My brain just couldn't process the task.

Since signing up for Qlubb, I've learned that gathering, organizing, and sharing information doesn't have to be so hard.  Just tell parents where to sign up to be a member of your Qlubb group. That's all it takes to get a great group started.


Members of Qlubb groups can post event reminders, to-do lists, share recipes, photographs, documents, and leave messages for other members. 

Simply put, Qlubb is a GREEN, web-based tool that gives parents tools to get and stay organized.  Best of all, Qlubb enables parents to establish and maintain a social connection with parents they might not otherwise have the opportunity to connect with on a regular basis.

No more sticky notes, white boards, and notebooks.  I am going Green with Qlubb and will not waste a ton of paper and ink on sticky notes that I am going to lose.  Of course I still use a traditional calendar because there is no way my husband is going to sign on to Qlubb everyday to see what the kids and I have planned and what I need him to do.

Qlubb is also a great tool for teachers, playgroup leaders, and after-school activity organizers for example.

Qlubb is a free service! Create your Qlubb group here.

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