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First LEGO League book

by Alicia in Books

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LegoleagueI was into LEGO's when I was a kid.. big time.   My sister and I had the LEGO space station, lots of house making LEGO's, flowers, and tons of LEGO people.  When I saw the book FIRST LEGO League: The Unofficial Guide I was quickly drawn in.  I wanted to find out all about the first LEGO League competition, who started it, how to start a league and who participates.  I learned that are more.  Though it's a bit on the technical side, both parents and older kids will learn a lot and walk away inspired to build the best LEGO contraption ever.

This book is the go-to source for
coaches, teachers, parents, and students participating in the FIRST
LEGO League (FLL) competition. Written for both rookie and experienced
teams, the book covers a variety of topics, including team formation
and organization, robot building and programming, and the basics of
getting involved with FLL. Filled with practical advice and real
building and programming examples, as well as candid commentary from
veteran teams, this is the book that your team needs whether you're
just starting out or have been competing (and winning) for years.

Price: $20

FIRST LEGO League: The Unofficial Guide
is available to buy at Amazon.

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