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Four toddler & elementary age building block sets I love

by Alicia in Age 1-3, Age 3-5, Toys, Wooden Toys

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Bamboo Collection Contina blocks

Ages 4+

This is one of my favorite block sets. The eco-friendly bamboo blocks measure 1inch wide, 3 3/4 inches long, and 1/4 thick making them perfect for little fingers. The bright colors give me the perfect opportunity to teach Madelyn but there have been a couple of times when she put one in her mouth and ended up with green dye/ink on her lips. I quickly washed her mouth out, but I am pretty sure that the dye/ink is 100% safe.

Sebastian builds tall towers while Madelyn lays the blocks down in patterns, builds little houses with one color, or lines the blocks up flat one behind the other and plays choo choo.

Price: About $20

Gorilla Blocks
For ages 9 -36 months

Gorilla blocksGorilla Blocks were featured in our special Educational Toys segment.
These quickly became a favorite of our younger product testers. Gorilla Blocks are huge blocks that work like LEGO's. The different block sizes and themes make for endless building possibilities, all the while being an educational tool. How are Gorilla Blocks educational you ask? I can tell you first hand. Madelyn, 18 months, enjoys sorting the blocks by size and color. I was so excited the first time I saw her sorting them, I tried to catch it on video but of course she quit as soon as the camera was rolling.

The blocks can also be used to teach basic math. Take a block that has two dots on it, add a block with three dots.. what do you get? Yes, your kids can learn from Gorilla Blocks! And, the nifty weatherproof factor means that kids can even play in the bathtub. Just don't let the dogs get hold of these!

Price: About $30

Gorilla Blocks 24-pc. Standard Set
are available at Amazon.

Mega Bloks Wonder Builder block set

Ages 12 months – 3 years


Mega Bloks are a classic. Big blocks that snap together. What's better than that to a toddler? The Wonder Builder block set has developmental elements such as knobs to turn, buttons to press, and beads to rattle. The friendly animals include a tiger, a turtle, a squirrelly squirrel, a rattling snake, and a hiding baby kangaroo. Using the star-shaped key, kids can unlock a secret behind a block with corresponding shape and color. I haven't reviewed these myself yet, but based on what I see this looks like a fun set of building blocks for toddlers.

Price: About $30

The Mega Bloks Wonder Builders Bag is available at


Ages 18 months – 5 years

  • Duplo
    Like MEGA Bloks, LEGO's are a classic building toy for toddlers. This DUPLO set has special elements including a window, cat and flower to help jump start imaginations. I love that some of their DUPLO sets come in a sturdy container so I can just throw the blocks in and store them away when the kids aren't playing with them.

Price: About $30

The My First LEGO DUPLO Set is available at Amazon

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