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Schlage Residential Electronic Keypad Lock

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Schlagedeadbolt70% – The number of Moms, according to a Mom Central survey, who have given keys to people who are not members of the
household.  When asked to consider how many non-residents have keys
to their homes, 86% reported feeling at least moderately concerned.   The number that was even more surprising to me is 84% which is the percent of Moms who
have experienced a child, babysitter, or housekeeper entering a
designated "off-limits" area in the home, sometimes with serious
consequenSchlagepersonalces.  Scary!

I was recently given the opportunity by Mom Central and Schlage, to review a Schlage keypad lock and will never go back to a regular deadbolt lock and I think my family agree’s.

As featured on The Learning Channel’s Designing Spaces, Schlage keypad locks are a great way to keep your home safe from intruders who are pro’s at picking locks, while allowing your older children to enter your home after school or sports practice without having to keep up with
a key.

Schlage keypad
locks are ready to use right out of the box.  The keypad lock comes preset with two unique user codes so programming the lock in not necessary unless you want to create a custom code.  All you have to do is install the keypad lock with one simple tool, a flat head screw driver. 

The keypad lock allows you to add, change or delete
user codes in seconds and uses a premium 9-volt battery which is included.  Schlage keypad locks have a plethora of features including, but not limited to:

  • A simple keypad to be used for keyless access (no need to keep up with keys!)
  • Buttons are coated to prevent wear and tear
  • A warning signal after four incorrect attempts
  • Lots of finish options (brass, oil rubbed bronze, and more) that have been proven to withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Less than 30 minute installation
  • Available for interior and exterior doors and in varying styles
  • Innovative ‘Turn Lock’ feature allows you to lock & leave without a key

Take a look at all of the different Schlage electronic keypad locks here and where to buy one online here.


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