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Ocean Spray Cranergy™ energy juice – I love it!

by Alicia in Food and Drink

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I love Ocean Spray’s new Cranergy energy juice drinks!  Like most moms, I hitCranergy
an energy low at about 2:00 every day. After everything mom’s (and dads) it’s no wonder.  I used to turn to a diet soda when I needed energy, but stopped a few weeks ago because of the aspartame.  Now I enjoy Cranergy energy juice when I need a boost.  I have six in my refrigerator as I write this and will probably have four tomorrow. 

With only 35 calories per 8 oz. serving I don’t have guilt issues when drinking Cranergy energy juice.  Cranergy energy juice is available in two flavors; Cranberry and Raspberry Cranberry which is my favorite.   Cranergy energy juice supports healthy energy production with B vitamins.  Did you know that some celebrities actually give/get B-vitamin shots help with their energy levels?   I’m not saying you should do that, but I didn’t know  that B-vitamins helped with energy until I saw a report about the shots on a pretty credible news show. 

In addition to energy boosting B-vitamins, Cranergy energy juices have vitamin C which is well known as an immune booster.  And most importantly the cranberry juice and green tea contain high levels of antioxidants that help fight free radicals while the green tea offers a natural source of caffeine. 

I drink hot green tea in the winter but can’t bring myself to drink a hot beverage on warmer days.  Drinking Cranergy energy juice is a great way for me to enjoy the benefits of green tea that I’m used to but in a colder, more delicious drink.

You can find Cranergy energy juice at your local grocery store and can get a $1.00 off coupon on the Ocean Spray website.

WEBSITE: Ocean Spray Crangery



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