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Ali-Oops! Toy Clips

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Alioopstoyclips_2Madelyn has had a pacifier clip since the day she was born and still uses it at 2 years old.  Little did I know that the same ‘clip’ idea could work on toys and sippy cups as well.  Once Madelyn hit the stage when she  was very entertained by the ‘drop it and mommy picks it up‘ game, I knew I had to do something.  I am a ‘germaphobe’ and can’t stand it when toys, cups, and pacifiers touch the ground.   Toys that touch the ground at restaurants, shops, playgrounds, etc.. are immediately removed from the children’s reach until I can sanitize the item properly.  I know that sounds a little serious but yuck, can you imagine what kinds of germs get on toys that touch the ground?

I was recently introduced to the Ali-Oops toy clip and now Madelyn is minus one game.  She tries with all her might to get her toys of off the Ali-Oops toy clip and to get the clip off the stroller but the strong button snaps make it really difficult.

Ali-Oops toy clips are available in two sizes, small and large.   There are 10+ classic and trendy design choices and at just $10 for the small size or $12 for the large size I think these would make great baby shower gifts.

WEBSITE: Ali! Oops Toy Clips

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