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Microsoft Student with Encarta

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Box_studentBy the time Sebastian does his homework in the afternoon or evening, my brain is usually useless.  One day, Sebastian asked me how many sides a trapezoid has. I had to tell him I didn’t know. That was embarrassing.  Now that we have Microsoft Student, I don’t have to say ‘I don’t know’ anymore. 
Finding the answer to his question was as easy as 1-2-3!  I simply opened the program, clicked on the "Math Tools" button on the home screen, then typed "trapezoid" in the search bar. Up came relevant results. The snapshot below is one of the results, complete with a picture, the definition of trapezoid, and related information.


Microsoft Student is great for households with pre-teens and teenagers.

As Mom Expert Rachel Hamman has said, "If only a tool like this existed when I was in school! Microsoft Student
is an amazing homework aid, which sets itself apart from anything out
there. It provides my daughter with tutorials on math, science and
foreign languages. If you are like me, it’s been a few years since
you’ve done quadratic equations or solved for "x" and this product
fills in when your own knowledge is not adequate. The program also
provides templates for creating comprehensive presentations. Microsoft Student
utilizes Encarta Online Encyclopedia, which has links to 25,000
prescreened, age-appropriate websites, where I can rest assured that
I’m getting factual and accurate information. Microsoft Student has allowed my daughter to spend less time seeking for information and enables her to spend more time learning!"

This is a snap shot of  Encarta Kids which is Sebastian’s favorite feature of Microsoft Student with Encarta.  He can browse by subject or type in a search phrase such as ‘skateboarding’ and get instant results including photographs, videos, and text.

Microsoft Student with Encarta is well worth the $49.99!  It will save you and your teen hours of frustration.

Learn more or buy here: Microsoft Student

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