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Is that not the cutest name?  Besides having a cute name, the Doodlescarf is one of the most innovative apparel accessories I’ve seen.

Picture’s a cold school night. You are out of milk for in the morning. Your kids won’t eat their cereal without milk. You have to go to the store. UGHH!  You grab your purse, your cell phone, your keys, etc.. You are a mess!  OR you grab your scarf, put your cell phone, wallet and keys in the convenient pockets and be on your way.  Sounds much better doesn’t it?

I love my plaid DoodleScarf. Two pockets, one at each end of the scarf, hold gadgets, toys, and more,  easily and comfortably. The scarf is made from a very soft flannel on one side and fleece on the other.

DoodleScarfs aren’t just for grown ups.  Kids will enjoy the comfort and fun of their own DoodleScarf.  Sebastian has worn my DoodleScarf on more than one occasion and let me tell you.. he takes advantage of the pockets.  He will put anything and everything in the pockets.  One day he had one of those little flippy spiral notebooks, a pencil, eraser, his camo wallet, tissues (allergies), and a few other things in his pockets and he was so proud of himself. It was so cute!  Oh, and he is 8 years old.

A warm, functional, fun, comfortable, and stylish scarf all for just $20.

WEBSITE: doodle sprouts

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