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Table Topics – a conversation starter and more

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TabletopicsWe all know how important it is that the whole family eat dinner together every night, but do we always
have something to talk about?  When I ask Sebastian what he did at school today, he says "not much". "Did you learn anything?", I ask.  "not really", he says. When he wants to talk, he’ll talk until we ask him to please stop. He can talk your ear off.  When he doesn’t want to talk though, it’s a different story. Dinner time is one of those times when it’s hard to get him to talk to us.

Now that we’ve got Table Topics Sebastian enjoys dinner time. He knows that he can tell us stories, and ideas, and give us answers to all sorts of questions like "what would you do if you were invisible for a day?" and we won’t tell him to stop talking. We do however, put a time limit on his answers as he tends to go on and on and on if we don’t.

Table Topics take up minimal space on your table and come in a clear, attractive container that will match any room decor. 

There are currently seven Table Topics themes including family, girls night out, teens, couples, and more.  I have found that the dinner table isn’t the only time to whip out the Table Topics cards. When Sebastian can’t seem to find anything to do except watch TV, I choose a Kids Topics To Go card with a question that would spark his interest and ask him to turn his answer into a story. He really enjoys writing stories and the Kids Topics To Go is a great starting point.

Times to use Table Topics and Topics To Go:

  • Dinner time
  • When kids are bored they can’t write a story based on a Kids To Go question
  • While traveling
  • At a restaurant
  • Slumber parties
  • Playgroup (for the moms)
  • There are many more times and places to use Table Topics and Topics To Go

Get your kids talking again with Table Topics!

WEBSITE: Table Topics

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