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Mommy Story: go potty or take a swim?

by Alicia in New posts

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We were at my mother’s house tonight and Madelyn (18 months) knows that after dinner, Grandmother gives her a bath. She went upstairs to the bathroom, pulled at her pants in hopes that I would get them off of her quickly, then she did something different… she pointed at the toilet. When I asked her if she wanted to go potty, she said ‘uh huh’. I took off her diaper and sat her on the potty. She looked very confused.  She didn’t want to go to potty, she wanted to GET IN THE POTTY!  She made that clear by sticking one leg into the toilet. I grabbed her before she could put the other leg in, but I know she would have enjoyed a swim in the toilet if I let her. I put her in the bathtub so fast after her trip to toilet water land!  Think twice before you put your toddler on the potty thinking she actually wants to go to the bathroom!

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