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Wonder Words: Beginning Sight Words & Picture Words

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Schoolzone_combowordsWonder Words: Beginning Sight Words & Picture Words is designed for children ages 5 & up and teaches word recognition, reading comprehension, categorizing, sequencing, and more. What makes it so cool is the Flash Action Software and Workbook combination. The colorful, easy to understand workbook features essential skill exercises while the Flash Action software makes learning even more fun as your child is encouraged to learn by a gang of superhero characters. How cool is that?

The installation of the software is simple and Sebastian thought it was cool that he was greeted by colorful, superhero characters asking him to type his name in a box. Unfortunately, we couldn’t fit his entire name in the box. It allows for only eight letters.. so we used ‘seb’.
Unlike some software games, this game starts immediately. Sebastian didn’t have to navigate to different places to start an activity. This game is very easy to use.
Each time Sebastian completed a game and got all the answers correct, a flashy picture would pop up saying "good job" and other encouraging phrases.
The individual games are short so your child shouldn’t lose her attention.  The encouraging pictures and on screen scoring are enough to keep Sebastian focused on the game.

WEBSITE: School Zone

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