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My Turtle Baby Nursing blanket

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Peek a Boo, I see you!  Some nursing mommies can’t say that while nursing their baby because the baby is covered by a nursing blanket. I remember when I was nursing Madelyn I hated having her covered while she was nursing. I wanted to be able to look at her and her to look at me. Now nursing mommies can gaze lovingly into their baby’s eyes while nursing with the My Turtle Baby nursing blanket  Not only can you give your baby the attention he/she needs while nursing, but you will most likely get attention too.. from all of the moms who want to know where you got your beautiful nursing blanket.

Made like none other I’ve seen, the My Turtle Baby nursing blanket has a Peek-a-Boo window, is reversible, an adjustable shoulder strap that allows Mom to have the right fit and keeps the blanket in place, is super soft, and can roll up to fit in moms diaper bag easily. What more can you ask for from a nursing blanket?  Wait… there is one more thing!  Style!!

Nursing blanket fabrics
are available in mod,shabby chic and vintage colors or Jill will even accommodate custom
fabric choices!

Jill also makes blankets in any size. Simply email her with the size you want and your fabric choice and your baby will enjoy a blanket that you designed with her/him in mind.

My Turtle Baby

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