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Baby Candy – personalized onesies and tee’s

by Alicia in Age 0-1 year, Age 1-3, Baby & Kids Clothing, Personalized

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Babycandy_2Did you ever think you could have custom candy made for your baby?  You can!!!  Olivia, owner of Baby Candy, offers personalized onesies and tee’s  to parents who dont’ want to settle for ‘standard’.

I was pleasantly surprised by the candy shaped packaging and by the "Made by Tim & Alicia" print on the onesie. How cute!  I wish the print was a little bigger, but I can’t complain, it’s too cute.

Baby Candy onesies make an adorable baby shower gift. If you know the soon to come baby’s name and gender you can create a ‘custom candy’ onesie complete with baby’s name, choose from several color options, and designs.


Olivia’s designs are like none other. I am especially fond of her Glitter Cupcake Custom Onesie & Toddler Tee for girls, and the Sugar Daddy onesie & toddler tee for boys.

Visit Baby Candy to browse Olivia’s wonderful baby onesie and toddler tee designs for boys and girls up from newborn up to 4T.

Icons_website Baby Candy – The sweetest onesie’s of all

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