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Personalized calling cards, announcments, and more

by Alicia in Announcements & Stationary, Personalized

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 Doodlebugprints1Kathryn with Doodlebug Prints has delighted me with samples of her whimsical, yet classic ‘mommy calling cards’, and ‘photo birth announcement’s’. I’ve often scribbled a note on torn scrap paper when I want to get in touch with one of Sebastian’s classmates moms and I hate that!  I don’t want to write a note to a fellow mom on my business letter head either. Kathryn’s ‘mommy calling cards’ are the perfect solution for me. Moms can have their name, phone numbers, and email address printed on durable cardstock in their choice of many designs. The calling cards are regular business card size, easy to fit in a diaper bag pocket, can be customized to suit your needs and colors can be changed for no additional fee.

Before I get to the end of this post, I want to be sure you know that you will get 20% your order with coupon code INSIDER07! 

Here are a few situations when you really should have a ‘mommy calling card’ on hand.

1. Send a note to a class mom.
2. You meet a cool mommy at the park and want to share your number.
3. Hand them out to the moms at your playdates.

Kathryn’s photo baby announcements are beautiful too. Featuring your baby’s photograph on durable cardstock, the color and design of your choice, these truly are personalized for you!

Oh, and here’s a great gift or birthday party invitation idea… Kathryn’s photo magnets. These are so great. You can choose to have your personal photograph on any of her designs on a small magnet or large. No one will forget your child’s birthday party if you send these out as invitations!

The images on the Doodlebug Prints website don’t do Kathryn’s work justice.

Where to buy: Doodlebug Prints



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